Tea sachets are accessible in a range of shapes, like square, rectangular, and circular. Each sort of bag will furnish clients with a special experience. To select the best product for the market, manufacturers need to understand the viewpoints of their customers. Today, we’ll discuss the pyramid, one of the most unique tea bags available that, when it first debuted, completely changed the tea business. We will find out why customers prefer pyramid sachets over other forms.

Pyramid sachets: what are they and how are they made?

Tetrahedron-shaped, porous, and sealed, pyramid tea sachets offer the most effective way to brew tea leaves in a matter of minutes. When it comes to providing a blend of freshness, flavor, and convenience, this kind of sachet much outperforms flat square or rectangular teabags.

The history of Pyramid Tea sachets is rather brief. These unique sachets did not come into existence until the end of the twentieth century, unlike loose tea, which has been consumed for more than 5,000 years, and “traditional” tea bags, which has been around since 1908. In 1997, Unilever employee Brooke Bond created the pyramid tea bag. They soon gained popularity all around the world as picks. The Sachet’s business significantly increased in tandem with its introduction.

Clients stress that these sachets, which are produced using nylon and plastic, are not environmentally friendly and are risky to consume. Then, a major change happens when makers begin utilizing many biodegradable and environmentally friendly sachets. The plant starch known as soilon is used to manufacture the most widely used pyramid tea sachets. When it is burned and cooked, no toxic fumes are released. Because it may be used as compost for plants and healthy soil, it is also a zero-waste product.

Reason for Selecting Pyramid-Shaped Sachets

1. The amount of tea in each pyramid bag

Ordinary tea bags can only handle the smallest-grade or dustiest types of tea, which makes for a dusty brew. Larger, superior tea leaves can be packed into the expansive pyramid tea sachets. This makes for an excellent brew. The larger capacity of a pyramid tea sachet holds up to 4 grams of tea per teabag, which is significantly more than what a typical teabag holds.

2. A Range of flavors

There is more space in pyramid-shaped tea sachets than in regular tea bags, so multiple flavors can be neatly bundled. Normal tea bags also arrive in various flavors; however, even after they’ve been fermented, they taste essentially equivalent to regular tea—that is, except if you get a superior brand. The region in pyramid tea sachets makes it conceivable to incorporate components like orange strip, lemon zest, lavender, rose, ginger, etc. These elements enhance the mix’s visual and aromatic qualities and improve the experience of drinking tea for the customer as a whole.

3. Better Brewing

Previous guidelines for preparing tea have been overturned by the pyramid tea sachets, ushering in a new era. Because of their tetrahedral form, tea leaves can be packed loosely and, when submerged in boiling water, will spin in a circular pattern. It simulates what happens to tea in a teapot almost accurately. This clearly makes it possible to use tea leaves, allows for the most flavors to be absorbed, and produces a sensation that is on par with a brew in the old-fashioned way.

4. Saves time

Pyramid tea sachets allow for faster brewing because of their considerably more porous design, which allows a stronger flavor to permeate the mug. On the other hand, the water used to make normal teabags has cooled down before your tea steeps for the best flavor. That brewing process saves time, but it’s also not very tasty. These sachets are the best option for customers who are short on time.

5. Convenient for Travel

The lifetime of regular tea bags is unclear because of their susceptibility to wear and tear. Packing these kinds of teabags requires enclosing them in a secure container, which adds more space to your luggage. Conversely, pyramid tea sachets are perfect for on-the-go travel. They are strong and durable and are not readily harmed by external impacts when woven into a tiny mesh that resembles a net.

6. A Luxurious Gift

Unlike regular tea bags, pyramid tea bags are a symbol of luxury. Just by appearance, pyramid tea sachets are preferable to most other tea bags, and they’re a wonderful gift option. They leave an impression of a lovely gloss and a soft-touch feeling. Furthermore, the mixture may contain a range of premium, unusual ingredients, giving the finished product a noticeably more “luxurious” appearance. The elegant visuals make drinking tea a more pleasurable experience and let tea drinkers see every element of their favorite blend.


In conclusion, there are six solid reasons why people adore pyramid-shaped tea bags. From appearance to flavor, each one offers clients incredible experiences. Before launching their tea goods on the market, new manufacturers can select the best packaging by capturing these observations. Contact our tea experts at aboutthecup for more fascinating details about our offerings, and we’ll get back to you right away.

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