When we think of Japanese food, most of us only recall the staples. However, the truth is that Japanese food is so much more than just sushi and ramen. As a matter of fact, these Japanese dishes have evolved tremendously over a period of time. Pleasantly, the wide ranging dishes and culinary precision at play offers plentiful food that can satiate many dining elements. 

Now the good part is that Japanese cuisine is not just flavorful but super healthy. While the traditional dishes are highly acknowledged worldwide; the demand for Japanese grocery items has also been increasing. What’s the catch? Low rates of cardiovascular diseases & obesity and long life expectancy; are some of the benefits of these Japanese food items. 

So, get your belly rumbling while we bring to you some of the must-trys!

7 Japanese Food Items You will love to Try

  1. Ikura Salmon Roe

This Japanese delicacy Ikura Salmon Roe is famously known for its texture and flavor. It is used as a cooked and a raw ingredient in many dishes. It is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids and uses a very low salt content for a mild flavor. Along with the distinct flavor, Ikura Salmon Roe is prized for its health benefits. It is packed with nutrients like selenium, phosphorus, protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A, B12 and D.

To make it a full-fledged meal enjoy it atop pancakes, salads, flatbreads and pancakes. 

  1. Azuma Green Wasabi Tobiko

Wasabi-scented green Tobiko can top your sushi, toast, nigiris or simply be an accompaniment to a fish dish. The Azuma Green Wasabi Tobiko has a characteristic texture that crunches in every bite. It is naturally tinted with green coloring and a wasabi flavor to add a spicy taste. 

Azuma Green Wasabi Tobiko can be used as a garnish for sushi rolls for some added spicy flavor and crunchy texture with a mild smoky, salty and sweet taste. Crispy, nutty and spicy; add these explosive flavors to your plate.

  1. Somi Ramen Soup Kitano Miso G

The Somi Ramen Soup Kitano Miso is rich in flavor from miso paste including carefully selected ingredients that create a deep and rich flavor. It is a unique combination of vegetables and spices along with the finest miso and soup.

The soup can perfectly accompany ramen noodles. Pour the paste in a pot and blend it with water. This creates a perfect broth base great to go along with vegetables and meat. This tangy concentration is a perfect seasoning for many more dishes.

  1. Unagi Roasted Eel

Unagi roasted Eel is acknowledged as a high-end gourmet meal; it’s hearty and super nutritious. It is loaded with calcium, protein and vitamins; enough to qualify as a healthy meal. Unagi is usually served as a part of unadon with sliced Eel on a bed of rice. It is a perfect balance of smoky, fatty and packed with charred flavors which is generally balanced with the sauce it is basted with.

Serve it grilled on a skewer or simply with rice. In restaurants, it is usually accompanied with a side of Japanese pepper- powdered sansho.

  1. Tonbetsu Hotate Kaibashira Scallops

Tonbestsu Hotate Kaibashira is the Japanese name for dried scallops that’s super rich in taste and nutrition. It is full of natural umami flavor and super tender. They have a glossy flesh, extremely smooth and gentle and have a slightly sweet flavor. It is loaded with natural umami savour and can be eaten as a dried snack with your preferred drink. Toss it in a sweet soy sauce or simply grilled with salt.

These scallops are boiled with salt and dried under the sun. It rightly qualifies as a healthy Japanese snack.

  1. Hamasa-En Ryokucha Japanese Green Tea Powder

Hamasa-En Ryokucha Japanese green tea powder is known to be medicinal, exceptionally good for health and encourages a long life. It is prepared by infusing the whole tea leaves in hot water. It is super dense in nutrients and provides many health benefits along with relaxation. This green tea powder is 100% grown in Japan and is loaded with vitamin C, E, catechin and a dietary fiber for a healthy lifestyle. 

Some of the health benefits include reducing cholesterol, removing free radicals, reducing fat, preventing infection and moderating allergies. It is rich in minerals, potassium and calcium and therefore can regulate blood sugar level and strengthen bones. So sit back and sip on a cup of this delicious tea.

  1. Kochi Ice Yuzu Juice, Frozen

The Kochi Ice Yuzu Juice is perfect for those who dislike sweet and sugary drinks. Simply dilute it in water and enjoy a glass of a refreshing drink. Apart from drinks, it can also be used as a seasoning for some added flavor to grilled fish and more.

The delightful tangy taste juice is made from organic yuzu grown in Japan. It is 100% natural and has no mixtures or chemicals to it.

The extracts of the juice are immediately frozen to keep the freshness and flavor intact. The pouch is pressed from fresh Yuzu fruit at the peak of the flavor. Salt free, gluten free, GMO free!

Japanese food items are sublime with an intricacy of texture and flavor. Also, the health benefits are surprisingly impressive. So, try out these dishes to have the best gastronomic experience.

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