Healthy Food Alternatives
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Bloating issues happen to be a common encounter in today’s busy lifestyles that cause a great deal of mismanagement in regular eating habits and allied activities of daily routine. Ahead of the digestive concerns, bloating can result from a diversity of medical conditions and even due to issues of stress and anxiety. Whatever may be the cause, bloating is a disapproving condition that you would wish to escape by the earliest. With a view to addressing the concern, here are a few food alternatives that can be helpful in cutting down on the discomfort.

Healthy Food Alternatives to Help With Bloating

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is essentially rich in probiotics, that is, good bacteria that dwell in the gastrointestinal tract while aiding in smooth and easy digestion. Such bacteria are found to considerably bring down the distress of acidity and bloating by calming down the gut inflammation. What’s best is you can relish this milk product either as a simple curd mix or as a dessert with the inclusion of your favorite fruits. All in all, yogurt is a healthy and tasty food alternative to curb bloating discomfort.

2. Ginger

The huge diversity of medicinal properties housed by ginger has benefited the human race for ages. SIBO Survivor shows that ginger tea is a lifesaver when your stomach starts feeling upset. Carrying forward the legacy, this age-old spice has proved itself exceptionally beneficial in controlling the inconveniences of bloating and acidity. Zingibain, the digestive enzyme present in ginger, aids in breaking down the amino acid chains of protein.

The latter relaxes the inflammatory sensation of the colon, which further calms the intestines, facilitating an easy passage and digestion of the consumed food. This eventually works to bring down the bloating effect. Ginger is best effective when taken with a cup of hot tea prepared at home, before or post a meal.

3. Fennel

Fennel is found to naturally exhibit diuretic properties that help to reduce digestive and constipation induced bloating. Talking of the working agents that aid in the relieving process, fenchone, estragole, and anethole present in the fennel seeds possess anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic characteristics. These compounds together, aid in the relaxation of the intestinal muscles; while allowing the trapped gas molecules to get scattered away.

As for the consumption methods, fennel seeds can be an ingredient in your regular tea. A cup of fennel bulb slices in your salad supplements it with fibers for long-term relief from bloating distress.

4. Bananas

The main cause of a bloated stomach is the accumulation of water in the digestive system as a result of excessive sodium consumption. Bananas are a potassium-rich fruit that helps to flush off water and sodium from the body, thus bringing a considerable reduction in digestive bloating. However, eating a single banana would not work wonders. You need to stick to a diet of fruits all through the day to get quick results.

5. Avocados

If you want relief from the discomfort of digestive bloats, but cannot consume carbohydrate-rich foods because of a low-carb diet, avocados are a feasible option for you. These are potassium-rich fruits with autoxidizing properties that are greatly helpful to cut down on the bloats by maintaining an effective balance of body fluids. The fiber content additionally helps to ease out the movement of stool to reduce constipation induced bloating. Avocado is also great for smoothies that help with skin beautifying.

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