I recently embarked on a fascinating journey to discover the diverse range of healthy drinks people are consuming these days. To quench my curiosity, I chatted with 100 individuals about their current beverage choices. The variety was astonishing! From invigorating cold-pressed concoctions to soothing teas and power-packed shakes, the responses painted a vivid picture of personal wellness journeys. Here’s a glimpse into the vibrant world of healthy drinks as shared by them:

ParticipantDrink Description
1Cold-pressed lemon ginger, cayenne, power of seven green
2Homemade lemonade (fresh lemons, ginger, honey), Mass gainer shakes (coconut flakes, oats, almonds, raw organic eggs, whey)
3Water, Coffee, Orange juice, Electrolyte drinks
4Chinese tea, Water
5Chrysanthemum tea, Lemonade
6Lemon with peel, Supplements from iHerbs
7Bulletproof coffee (Coffee, Butter, Double cream)
8Fresh squeezed orange juice, Spinach/Mixed Berry protein shake
9Juice blend (apples, cucumbers, celery, lemon)
10Milk, Veggie/fruit blends
11Coffee, Tea, Smoothies with foraged berries and fruits
12Fermented black & red tea
13Water, Tea
14Sailor Jerry rhum with coke, Tap water with Berkey filter
15Fresh lemon, Apple cider vinegar, Cinnamon, Ice
16Coffee, Ginger tea
17Water with baking soda
18Coffee (Black)

Each participant shared their unique blend, revealing a fascinating mix of traditional favorites and innovative new recipes. From the energy-boosting power of homemade lemonades and smoothies to the healthful benefits of tea and infused waters, it’s clear that there are endless ways to nourish the body and delight the taste buds. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a tea enthusiast, or a smoothie specialist, there’s inspiration here for everyone looking to add a healthy drink to their hydration habits.

So, what are you drinking?

Healthy drink recipes

Creating a breakdown of each unique healthy drink and its representation among our respondents reveals a colorful tapestry of hydration choices. Let’s dive into the percentages:

  • Water: 16.67%
  • Coffee: 16.67%
  • Tea: 11.11%
  • Each of the following drinks or ingredients was mentioned by one participant, making up 5.56% each:
    • Almonds
    • Power of Seven Green
    • Lemon with Peel
    • Lemon (in various forms, including lemonade)
    • Mass Gainer Shakes (including coconut flakes, oats, almonds, raw organic eggs, whey)
    • Milk
    • Orange Juice
    • Sailor Jerry Rhum with Coke
    • Smoothies with Foraged Berries and Fruits
    • Spinach/Mixed Berry Protein Shake
    • Supplements from iHerbs
    • Tap Water with Berkey Filter
    • Veggie/Fruit Blends
    • Water with Baking Soda
    • More specific or individual ingredients like apple cider vinegar vinegar, bulletproof coffee components (butter, double cream), cayenne, celery, Chinese tea, chrysanthemum tea, cinnamon, etc.

This diversity not only illustrates the wide range of what constitutes a “healthy drink” in the eyes of different people but also shows how personal preferences, nutritional goals, and lifestyle choices play a significant role in our daily hydration habits.

My Top 16 Picks: What Healthy Drink Are You Consuming Now?

The Best Healthy Drink Recommendation

Feeling thirsty? Don’t just reach for sugary sodas or artificially flavored “sports drinks.” Quench your thirst and energize your day with healthy and delicious beverages that keep your body and mind hydrated and happy. I’m always exploring the newest options for upgrading my daily drink routine. Here are some of my current favorites:

1. Water: The Essential Elixir

From your head to your toes, water keeps you going. About 60% of your body is H2O. It’s essential for stuff like healthy joints and saliva, delivering oxygen, clear skin, and flushing out waste.

Sipping enough agua throughout the day can even help manage your weight and lower your risk for chronic illnesses. Water may seem basic, but it’s the MVP of beverages for keeping our bodies hydrated and humming.

2. Steep, Sip, and Feel Super with Tea

When you need a pick-me-up without the caffeine crash, reach for tea. Especially green tea – it’s stacked with antioxidants to tackle inflammation and boost heart health.

Every tea type brews up different perks. Some soothe your tummy, others pump up your immunity. Chamomile can mellow you out for sleep, while yerba mate livens up your mental clarity. Steep yourself a cup and sip your way to wellness.

3. Smoothies: Nutrient-Packed Blends

When that sweet tooth comes a-knockin’, forget cookies and reach for a smoothie instead! Blending fruits, veggies, and other good-for-you ingredients makes a tasty healthy drink that satisfies your cravings while cramming in the nutrients.

I whip up smoothies with spinach, bananas, yogurt, and berries to get a wallop of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidant power.

Just a couple minutes using my blender and I’ve got a delicious drink that fills me up, tastes sweet, and gives my digestion and health a big boost.

Smoothies make achieving a healthy balanced diet fun and delicious!

4. Juice: The Essence of Fruits and Vegetables

Juice might taste amazing, but it ain’t the same nutrition-wise as chomping on real produce. True, fresh, unsweetened juice can hydrate and deliver antioxidants since it extracts the good stuff from fruits and veggies.

But all that natural sugar minus the fiber equals a healthy drink best enjoyed in moderation. I still love whipping up a green juice sometimes – it’s an easy way to drink in the essence of leafy greens and herbs.

But I balance it out by eating plenty of fiber-filled foods too. A little juice can be part of a healthy diet, just don’t go overboard!

5. Green Tea – Sip Your Way to Less Stress

Need to chill out but want a little pick-me-up too? Enter green tea. It’s overflowing with antioxidants called catechins that squash inflammation, boost your ticker, and may even help drop some pounds.

The gentle caffeine buzz gives you energy without the jitters. I start my day with a steaming mug of green tea and lemon – it’s my go-to healthy drink for staying calm and focused.

The light, earthy flavor makes me feel refreshed. And knowing all those antioxidants are flowing through my veins gives me a little health halo to power me through my morning. Try sipping green tea instead of coffee for a zen caffeine rush.

6. Coconut Water – Nature’s Electrolyte Elixir

When you’ve worked up a sweat, grab coconut water to replenish and rehydrate. This tropical sip is jam-packed with electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Way better than chemical-laden sports drinks! Coconut water is nature’s Gatorade, with a refreshing hint of sweetness that’ll quench your thirst.

Low cal and full of good stuff, it’s the ultimate healthy drink for feeling energized after exercising. I down a cold glass of coconut water after yoga or a long run and feel restored in no time. Staying hydrated has never tasted so exotic!

7. Veggie Juice – Drink Your Vegetables

Getting enough veggies can feel like a chore sometimes. That’s where fresh veggie juice comes in! Whip up a blend of carrots, kale, tomatoes, beets – whatever you have on hand – and drink a concentrated dose of all those vitamins and minerals.

The natural flavors combine into a surprisingly tasty (and vibrantly colored!) beverage. I’m not a big fan of eating salad, but I’ll happily gulp down a red juice packed with tomato, bell pepper and garlic for a fresh vegetable kick.

With so little sugar and so many nutrients, veggie juice makes for a healthy, low-cal drink that counts toward your daily veggie goals. Bottoms up!

8. Kombucha

This fermented tea beverage is packed with gut-healthy probiotics and antioxidants. The tart, fizzy taste makes it a refreshing alternative to soda. Lately I’ve been guzzling the new mango peach flavor from Health-Ade at lunchtime. It gives me a nice zingy lift without an energy crash afterward.

9. Herbal Teas – Nature’s Calming Brews

When you need to unwind or tame an upset tummy, herbal tea is the ultimate plant-powered chill pill. No caffeine means you can sip chamomile at bedtime for restful sleep.

Ginger tea calms queasiness and eases inflammation. Mint soothes digestion after meals. I Brew up lemon balm when I’m stressed and tension melts away.

Herbal teas are gentle and have side effects like hydration. I keep a variety on hand to drink according to my body’s needs. Take some time to steep and sip – herbal teas are self-care in a cup.

10. Kefir – A Probiotic Sip for Gut Health

Want to show your gut some love? Add kefir to your fridge. This drinkable yogurt smoothie packs a probiotic punch to boost your good gut bacteria.

The consistency is thinner and tangier than yogurt. I like mixing fruit and honey into plain, unsweetened kefir for a naturally sweet kick.

With ample protein, calcium, B12, and vitamin D, it makes a nutrient-dense snack or breakfast. Since kefir is filled with probiotics, drinking it regularly helps balance digestion and immunity.

My gut feels healthier and happier when I drink a glass a day. The boost of beneficial bugs keeps me feeling light and energized.

11. Matcha – Zen Energy in a Cup

If you dig green tea, it’s time to meet matcha – its superpowered cousin. Grown in shade, harvested by hand, and stone-ground into a fine bright green powder, matcha is like espresso for green tea.

I stir a teaspoon into hot water for a zen caffeine kick with no jitters – just steady, calm alertness for hours. That beautiful jade color comes from antioxidant power to boost your health in many ways.

Studies show matcha can help your heart, support weight loss, and reduce cancer risk. Its mellow, vegetal taste is a comforting warm hug on stressful days. Sip matcha and feel the zen vibes flow through you all day long. Namaste!

12. Lemon Water – A Zesty Sip for Wellness

Hydration is healthiest with a splash of citrus! I start my mornings by squeezing a juicy lemon into some cold water. It adds a tangy zing and helps get my digestion moving.

That dose of vitamin C is great for immunity, too. I especially love sipping lemon water before breakfast – it’s a refreshing, low-calorie way to wake up my body and mind.

The light, summery flavor makes plain old water seem boring by comparison. For an antioxidant blast, I’ll smash up some berries and mint in my infused lemon water.

Whether enjoyed hot or chilled, lemon water is a savory, satisfying way to stay hydrated and energized all day.

13. Nitro Cold Brew

I used to get sleepy after my usual afternoon coffee break. Now, I opt for nitro cold brew, which is brewed using nitrogen gas to create an ultra-smooth, velvety chilled coffee. No ice needed! I stop by my local coffee shop, Black Bear Beans, and get my fix in a handy can to sip on my way to evening yoga class.

14. Golden Milk Latte

This anti-inflammatory spice blend of turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon mixed with creamy coconut milk is ideal after a hard workout. I found it easy to make my own steamy latte at home using Golden Milk powder. Add a splash of oat milk and honey, and I’ll be warm, cozy, and ready to relax.

15. Blue Algae Smoothie

For breakfast, nothing energizes me more than whipping up a vibrant blue smoothie. Blending frozen berries, bananas, spinach, and spirulina powder makes a delicious drink bursting with antioxidants. I gulp it down on my commute to work and feel ready to take on anything.

16. Sparkling Water with Lime

When I’m craving something fizzy, sparkling water with a squeeze of lime is refreshing without the sugar. I keep a case of unflavored seltzer at my desk. Adding wedges of fresh citrus perks up the bubbles any time I need a little lift.

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important, and what you drink really does impact your mood, focus and health.

I love sampling new and exciting healthy beverages to find my next go-to thirst quencher. What are you sipping on lately to energize your mind and body? I’d love to hear your healthy drink recommendations!

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