Green Smoothie Bowl - easy, quick and healthy breakfast

This is the second post in our Make Over Your Morning series where we show you super quick and easy ways of getting in a nutritious breakfast. If you missed it, here is our delicious Purple Dragon Berry Smoothie Bowl from last week!

I love breakfast but find that I can’t eat too much, especially early in the morning so a smoothie bowl seems to be the perfect solution – it’s nutritious but doesn’t fill me to the point of nausea. You can really get creative with your smoothie bowls and chuck in pretty much anything you like. We have partnered up with Alpro and made a Green Smoothie Bowl with their new Plain Big Pot Coconut (my fave out of the whole range, it’s delish!) and added some bright tropical flavors for a fresh and zingy smoothie to wake you up in the morning! If you’re not a fan of coconut you can substitute for the Plain Big Pot Almond or Soya from the range!

You will need…

1/2 of a small ripe avocado

1/2 cup of diced ripe pineapple

1 small kiwi

1/2 small apple

handful of spinach

3 large tablespoons of Alpro plain coconut Big Pot

75ml of Alpro coconut milk

The method is the best bit…

You literally whack it all into a blender (or a handy Nutri Bullet) and whizz until it’s all smooth and combined. If you prefer the smoothie more liquid or don’t have the time to eat it from a bowl, just add some more coconut milk or water to loosen it up!

Now for the fun part, decorating your breakfast – this takes just a minute and makes the smoothie bowl not only look awesome but also provides additional nutrients & vitamins. Again, there are no rules here but I went for a scattering of chia seeds, sliced dragon fruit, some sliced kiwi, and a couple of teaspoons of my favorite musli. Pomegranate seeds, goji berries, or blueberries would be lovely too.

This smoothie bowl is an amazing way to get some greens into you in the morning and the beauty of it all is you can easily make it yourself. Not a fan of spinach? Use kale! Don’t like pineapple? Go for mango! You get the idea…

What are your favorite quick breakfasts?


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