We’re in the middle of the bubble tea boom and this means one thing: you ought to try it. But, do you in fact know what bubble tea is? How to drink it? Where’s the best place to get it? If not, read this article: we’ll explain here how to enjoy the boba tea near you!

What is Bubble Tea?

Let’s start with a short introduction of this delicious drink. What is boba tea?

It’s a delicious mix of tea, bubbles, and other ingredients: milk, jellies, ice, or even ice cream. It originated from Taiwan, with the first one being a mix of black tea milk and tapioca pearls, but now it comes in numerous different variations. What’s so special about it?

Every boba tea near you is characterized by a delicious topping – traditionally, tapioca pearls. These give the drink a unique texture, unlike any other beverage. To fully enjoy it, bubble tea is served with a thick straw – large enough to let you sip on both the liquid and the pearls.

How to Drink Bubble Tea?

The answer to that is: any way you like! Bubble tea comes in many flavors and variations, starting with those including milk, through extremely fruity ones, up to delicious mojitos or smoothies. This means that whatever you like, you’ll find it among the boba options!

For the first time, we recommend choosing boba with the traditional tapioca pearls. While there are many other wonderful toppings, you need to try this classic at least once. You may also opt for one of its variations, such as popping boba which…pops in your mouth, providing you with even more sensations.

Where to Find Boba Tea Near You?

Knowing what bubble tea is, you might want to consider where to get boba tea near you. There are numerous options – this yummy drink is so popular that cities and towns abound in boba stores. So, instead of advising you where to get bubble tea, let’s focus on how to find the best boba. Reliable bubble tea chains like Sharetea are a great choice for a first-time bubble tea experience.

Choosing the right bubble tea store for your first boba-drinking experience is crucial – the quality of the drink itself will affect your first impression. When searching for the ideal place to take the first sips of this Taiwanese delicacy, consider:

  • The variety of flavors – Boba is about what you like, so the more flavors you can choose from the more likely it is that you’ll find your favorites.
  • The experience – A freshly set boba store might still be polishing their formula, so while it is good to give it a try sometime, for your first experience choose a location that has already been making bubble tea for a considerable amount of time.
  • The decor – Drinking boba is an experience. Thus, it can be affected by more than just taste. The aesthetics of the store that you choose also matter, so consider this factor while looking for the best place to try bubble tea for the first time.

The Takeaway

So, you know how to find the best boba tea near you and how to drink it. What are you waiting for? Choose a boba store and try this yummy beverage as soon as possible – you’ll fall in love with it!

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