Bar-Worthy Spring Cocktails You Need To Try

Spring is in full swing, and it’s time for tasty cocktails. Of course, sticking to classics is good, but trying something new is better! If you’re looking for some tasty beverages, check out these bar-worthy spring cocktails you need to try.

Kentucky Buck

Bourbon, but make it spring. The Kentucky Buck is a strawberry-bourbon cocktail that pays homage to spring’s sweet and light feel, but with a whiskey kick. You will undoubtedly enjoy this tasty beverage with its mix of fresh strawberries, lemon juice, bourbon whiskey, sugar syrup and ginger beer. Top it off with a fresh lemon slice and strawberry, and it will be fantastico!

Perfect Circle

The Perfect Circle is another bar-worthy spring cocktail you need to try ASAP. If you enjoy drinks that aren’t too sweet, the Perfect Circle is, well… perfect! With a combination of sherry, Campari, dry sparkling wine, and orange slices, it’s a refreshing beverage to pair with salty snacks on a spring afternoon.

Americano Cocktail

Don’t mistake the Americano Cocktail for the coffee drink. This beverage is the ideal mix of Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water. Throw an orange or lemon slice in for decoration, and you have a delicious beverage. Like Perfect Circle, the Americano is a drink for bittersweet lovers!


It’s not quite a Cosmopolitan, but it has hints of the same notes. The Cosmonaut is a delectable spring drink with a berry candy taste. Including two parts gin, three-fourths part lemon juice, and a teaspoon of raspberry jam, the Cosmonaut packs a punch with a sweet aftertaste. If you want to enhance the flavor of this cocktail, use fresh lemon juice and garnish with a raspberry. After all, incorporating fresh fruit into drinks is one of the hottest beverage trends of 2022 to watch out for.

Killer Bee

The Killer Bee is a Mexicano-inspired twist on the famous Bee’s Knees cocktail. This light, refreshing drink contains mezcal, lemon, and honey syrup. Typically, the Bee’s Knees contains gin, but mezcal offers a smokier taste, giving it a “killer” upgrade. The Killer Bee is the perfect drink to kick off a meal or enjoy with amigos!

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