5 Buzzing Ways To Start Beekeeping for Bee-Ginners

Have you ever seen a bee flying around at a local park and thought, “I want to take one home!” If so, you might be ready to become a beekeeper! Here are five buzzing ways to start beekeeping for bee-ginners. Don’t worry; there are plenty more bee puns where that came from.

Study Bees

First, you have to learn all about the birds and the bees (minus the birds). Read as much as you can, go online and find info about taking care of bees, and get to know how they operate. You might even learn a thing or two from the 6.1/10 stars movie, Bee Movie.

This includes learning how they make honey, their processes, how the hive works, and more. This can help you build your beehive and learn how to extract honey.

Connect With Local Organizations

Try to connect with a local beekeeping organization to discuss how your location will affect the bees and how thriving your hive will be(e).

An organization can help you spot the queen in your hive. Worker bees will typically surround the Queen bee while she lays eggs in the center.

Reaching out to your local beekeeping experts will help you gather the support you need.

Learn About Hive Setup

Bees create their own hives (they don’t need humans) in the wild, using tree trucks and enclosed areas.

So when you’re preparing to bring bees to your backyard, it’s best to build them a hive ahead of time to maintain the colony successfully. You might use a brood box (or multiple to avoid swarming) to create a safe area for them to work.

Strategize Tasks

During your study of bee operations, be sure to learn about how to take care of them and their hive. For example, bees work hard in their hive, so to ensure they’re well-kept, try to feed them adequately. You can do this by providing them with sugar water, fondant, or a pollen substitute for a protein boost.

Some might suggest starting your beekeeping hobby in the springtime to give the bees time to mate, increase worker numbers, and store honey before the cooler temperatures approach.

Order Your Bees

The next step is the most fun part; it’s time to order your bees! You can order them from many companies, including Kelley Bees, BeeWeaver Apiaries, and more.

You can choose to order “package bees” or a “nuc colony.” Package bees will come with the workers, and you’ll need to order the queen separately, whereas the “nuc colony” will provide you with both. This can be helpful as a beginner beekeeper.

Benefits of Beekeeping

There are many benefits of beekeeping beyond the health benefits of honey. For example, it can be a great outdoor hobby that allows you to connect to nature, reducing stress. Beekeeping also instills a sense of community because it helps the environment and improves the pollination of local gardens.

These five buzzing ways to start beekeeping for bee-ginners give you the tips and tricks you’ll need to be successful in your new hob(bee)!

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