At the end of product development, the next step is to think about the product packaging. But, it isn’t always straightforward. You could be wondering how to go about it. Which material is the best? Which color to go with? Well, a good place to start is to consider what makes good packaging. Remember that packaging is important not only for holding the product, but also plays an important role in its marketing. Keeping in mind the five Ps of packaging can provide much-needed guidance when finalizing the packaging design. Read on to understand these five Ps and the features to include for packaging that best suits your product and marketing strategy.


The primary role of packaging is to protect the product. You want your product to be in its original condition when it reaches the end user. This is important in creating a good impression of your product in the eyes of the consumers. In addition, you don’t want to deal with returns due to damage or spillage. These add to unnecessary costs that eat off your profits. When designing your packaging, you need to keep in mind a few things. One, the supply chain, and two, how fragile the product is. How much transportation, handling and warehousing does your product have to go through before reaching the final user? Putting this into consideration, you will be able to decide the quality of the packaging material and protective materials to use.


Closely similar to protection, preservation of the contents therein is equally important. Your product packaging should be designed in a way that keeps the contents fresh and safe for consumption. Think of products such as food, medication, and skincare products. Exposure to heat, humidity, and other environmental changes can affect the condition of such products. Likewise, if they come across chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants, contamination can occur.

Proper packaging comes in handy in ensuring that the product is adequately preserved. Consider packaging that locks out contaminants and can withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, make the packaging tamper-resistant by including tamper indications (this is especially important when it comes to things like cannabis packaging, as manufacturers will want to make sure that children cannot get into these products). These can be breakaway closures, printed features, and such.


How you present your packaging matters very much. With so many brands coming up, it is so important to ensure that your customers choose your products over others in the market. This can be done by building customer loyalty and creating a connection with your target audience. Focus on a presentation that grabs attention and creates a good perception of your brand. Let your packaging convey your brand message. If you are focused on quality, go for a design that implies high-quality products. In addition, keep in mind that most people are highly visual. Choosing colors, images, and graphics wisely can influence brand perception positively.

If you are unsure what to do, it is always important to seek help. Packaging companies such as OriginPac can provide expert knowledge on how to design packaging that will make your target customers buy your product.


Did you know that the positioning of your products in retail stores could influence sales? A product placed with complementary or similar products has increased the chances of more people buying the product. However, it would be impossible to dictate where retail outlets display your products. But, you can use packaging to influence that decision. You can use color, images, and clear graphics to signify the nutritional value and ingredients in food products. This can influence a retailer’s decision to place it with similar or complementary products.

Positioning can also be in terms of which retail outlets stock your products. Designing packaging that is shelf-ready and shelf appealing can go a long way in creating a good perception of your product among retailers.


The goal of  B2C marketing is to promote a product to potential buyers. The aim is to create awareness and influence a buying decision. Packaging is an important part of marketing as it gives you one final chance to persuade the customer to buy your product. Your packaging can make the difference between buying the product and choosing your competition. Ensuring that the packaging creates an emotional connection and promotes your brand story can be a good place to start. You can also focus on adding value by sharing valuable information such as highlighting lifestyle values on the packaging.


Packaging plays a critical role in every product’s sale. Ensuring that it influences the buying decision in a positive way is crucial. Moreover, that starts by understanding the elements that make good packaging. By implementing the five Ps of packaging, you can be able to position your products well in the market.


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