In this review, let’s delve into an online brokerage firm offering range of services to traders. With its site available in English, French, and Deutsch, MGM Global aims to cater to a diverse audience of investors.

One of the key features of MGM Global is its comprehensive trading platform, which provides users with the tools and resources they need to engage in various financial markets. Traders can access over 300 instruments, allowing them to explore different investment opportunities.

Moreover, MGM Global offers one-on-one trading training, empowering users with knowledge and insights to make informed decisions. This educational aspect sets the platform apart, especially for those new to trading or seeking to enhance their skills.

The brokerage firm provides multiple account types, offering flexibility to traders based on their individual needs and preferences.

In addition to its offerings, MGM Global extends further benefits with deposit bonuses, enhancing the trading experience for its users. Furthermore, the availability of 24/5 customer support ensures that clients can seek assistance whenever necessary.

General Information
Broker NameMGM Global
Broker TypeForex/CFD Trading
CountryUnited Kingdom
Operating Since Year 
AddressAddress: 5 Harbour Exchange E14 9GE, UK.
Broker StatusActive
Customer Service
LanguageEN, FR, DE
Trading PlatformWeb-based
Trading platform time zone 
Demo Account 
Mobile TradingYes
Web-Based TrainingYes
Other trading instrumentsYes
Minimum deposit$300
Maximum leverageHigher Leverage
Full Trading AccessYes
Scalping allowedFloating Review – Pros & Cons


Trading PlatformMGM Global offers its proprietary trading platform, providing users with advanced tools for efficient trading.
300+ InstrumentsAbout 300+ financial instruments are available, enabling traders to explore various markets.
One-On-One Trading TrainingThe brokerage offers personalized one-on-one training, assisting traders, especially beginners, in their journey.
Account TypesMGM Global has a variety of account types, catering to traders with different preferences and experience levels.
Deposit BonusTraders can benefit from a deposit bonus, enhancing their trading capital and potentially improving their profits.
24/5 Customer SupportThe firm offers quick customer support, available 24/5, ensuring prompt assistance for traders’ inquiries.


No Trial AccountTraders’ ability to test before committing real funds is limited as MGM Global does not provide a trial account. 
PayPal Not AcceptedThe broker does not accept PayPal as a payment method, potentially inconveniencing some traders.

Trading Platform

In this review, the brokerage’s proprietary Trading Platform stands out as a key feature designed to optimize the users trading experience. While traders are familiar with platforms like MT4 and MT5, MGM Global has taken the initiative to develop its own unique trading platform.

The MGM Global Trading Platform boasts enhanced trade execution, ensuring that users can execute their trades swiftly and efficiently. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy management and editing of the trading dashboard, providing traders with greater control over their activities.

One notable aspect of this platform is its seamless tool navigation, making it convenient for users to access various features and resources. Additionally, traders can set specified alerts for each trade, empowering them to stay informed and take timely actions.

Whether users are experienced traders or novices, MGM Global’s Trading Platform caters to their diverse needs, offering a cutting-edge and intuitive interface that simplifies the trading process. 

MGMGlobal Trading Platform Review – 300+ instruments

This review highlights one of the brokerage’s significant offerings: access to an extensive range of financial instruments. Traders can fully benefit from the platform’s ultra-low spreads and super-fast execution when engaging with over 300+ instruments.

MGM Global provides a diverse array of assets, catering to the varying preferences and strategies of its users. From the dynamic forex market to the emerging world of cryptocurrencies, traders can explore numerous opportunities for potential profit. Additionally, the platform covers multiple indices, commodities, spot metals, and energies, allowing for further diversification of investment portfolios.

Whether traders are interested in currency pairs, precious metals, or the volatility of cryptocurrencies, MGM Global offers a comprehensive selection of instruments to meet their trading aspirations. With such a diverse array of assets available at their fingertips, traders can execute their strategies with confidence, backed by the support of a platform that continually expands its offerings to meet the ever-evolving demands of the financial markets.

One-On-One Trading Training

One-On-One Trading Training

In this MGM Global review, the brokerage offers a valuable service known as “One-On-One Trading Training,” specially designed to assist traders, particularly those new to the world of trading. This service presents an opportunity for individuals to receive personalized guidance and support from Expert Traders, ensuring a smoother entry into the markets.

For beginners, the prospect of navigating financial markets can be daunting, but with MGM Global’s one-on-one training, they are in capable hands. Each trader is paired with a real human Expert Trader who has experienced the challenges of trading firsthand. This creates a relatable and empathetic learning environment, fostering a sense of confidence in aspiring traders.

Whether individuals seek to understand the intricacies of trading or require assistance in formulating effective trading plans, MGM Global’s One-On-One Trading Training provides an invaluable resource to elevate their trading journey, aligning their efforts with expert knowledge and market understanding. Review – Account Types

In this review, the brokerage offers a diverse range of account types tailored to suit traders with varying preferences and experience levels. The account types offered by MGM Global cater to a wide spectrum of investors, allowing them to select the one that best aligns with their trading goals and financial capacity.

Starting with the Bronze account, which requires a $10,000 minimum deposit, MGM Global offers entry-level access to its trading services. As traders progress and seek more advanced features, they can explore higher-tier accounts such as Silver, Gold, Premium, and Platinum, requiring progressively higher minimum deposits.

For seasoned and high-net-worth traders, MGM Global offers exclusive VIP for $500,000+ and VIP+ for $1,000,000+ as minimum deposit.

By providing a range of account types, MGM Global ensures that traders of all levels can access its platform and services, enabling them to align their trading experience with their financial capabilities and objectives. Review – Account Types

Deposit Bonus

In this review, traders can take advantage of the enticing “Deposit Bonus” offered by the firm. With this opportunity, traders can elevate their trading experience and amplify their potential profits.

To claim the MGM Global Deposit Bonus, traders need to follow a straightforward process. First, they must open a trading account with MGM Global. Upon making their initial deposit and accepting the terms and conditions, the firm matches the deposited amount and adds the bonus directly to their account.

The Deposit Bonus effectively provides traders with additional trading capital, enabling them to take their trades to the next level. This added financial boost empowers traders to explore more opportunities, implement diversified strategies, and potentially enhance their overall trading outcomes.

By offering this attractive Deposit Bonus, MGM Global aims to enhance its traders’ trading journeys, providing them with greater flexibility and potential for growth in the dynamic world of financial markets.

Customer Support

The broker offers exceptional “24/5 Customer Support,” ensuring that traders receive prompt assistance whenever needed. With a commitment to responsive service, MGM Global aims to address customer queries and concerns within a mere one-hour timeframe.

Broker offers various means of communication, including phone, email, and an online form. This multi-channel approach ensures that traders can select their preferred method to seek assistance. Review on Trustpilot Review on Trustpilot 

In the Trustpilot review of MGM Global, a satisfied user shared their positive experience with the firm’s investment strategies. The user praised MGM Global’s well-thought-out investment approaches, which resulted in impressive returns for them. By entrusting their money with MGM Global, the user gained peace of mind and could focus on other aspects of their life, knowing that their financial future was secure.

The review highlights the firm’s ability to offer potential earnings while providing a sense of security for its clients. For those seeking a solid investment partner, the reviewer recommends MGM Global as an option to pursue financial growth with confidence.

MGM Global Review – Ending Remarks

To conclude this review, the broker’s various services and offerings cater to traders with varying experience levels and preferences. The platform’s proprietary Trading Platform presents a user-friendly interface and optimized trade execution, empowering traders to explore over 300+ instruments across diverse financial markets.

Additionally, the provision of One-On-One Trading Training provides valuable guidance, particularly for newcomers. MGM Global’s flexible Account Types, Deposit Bonus, and friendly 24/5 Customer Support further enhance the overall trading experience. While the lack of a demo account and the non-acceptance of PayPal may be deal breakers, MGM Global presents a compelling option for traders looking for a smooth trading environment.

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