Expensive Clothes Hid My Loneliness
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‘I am Rebecca Bloomwood,

And I’m a shopaholic,

I destroyed my career on national television

I lied to the man I love.

I hurt my best friend,

I invented a stalker,

And I don’t even speak Finnish.’

We all remember this iconic line from ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic,’ and although it was a line worth remembering because of Isla Fisher’s amazing performance, it was also worth remembering because of the true emotions that these lines projected.

It talks about everything that can go wrong when it comes to a retail addiction.

The dangerous part about these addictions is that they are not the same as alcohol or drug addiction, where it is obvious that someone needs help.

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On the other hand, when it comes to something as surreal as fashion or retail, addiction is hard to catch.

Many will think it’s normal to spend thousands of dollars every month on clothes and fashion apparel.

However, in reality, it is a big problem that can make you borderline bankrupt.

This is one of the reasons why we need more people to talk about these addictions so that more people are aware of the signs and treatments.

What Is Fashion Addiction?

For many, fashion is a non-verbal voice; for some, it is a statement, and for some, it is about following the trends and keeping yourself happy.

However, when it comes to the individual who is suffering from an addiction, retail is something absolutely necessary as many times as they can afford it.

This is when they will rather be under a huge credit card debt than miss out on a sale.

More often than that, you will find them buying something which they do not even need.


Yet, they find it hard to let go.

Researchers have found that when you shop, your body is releasing the same oxytocin which you get during drugs.

However, the intensity is not that high, and this is what leads you to shop more.

We are seeing literal cases of people getting bankrupt because they are unable to say no to this addiction.

Dopamine and endorphins are also common hormones released during shopping, and these make individuals keep going back.

The dangerous part is, these highs soon come down the moment a bought item becomes a little old, and you just need more now.

Fashion addition is not to make fun of; you must take it seriously!

Fashion Is Not Therapy

I am sure you have often heard people talk about retail therapy!

This is when you are dealing with something serious, and you just need a good distraction.

I do not know who told you this, but shopping is not a good distraction; it is probably one of the most expensive and unhealthy distractions.

Because you are dependent on something which can cost you a lot and wouldn’t even provide a solution that is long-lasting.

Signs Of Fashion Addiction

Here are some of the tell-tale signs of fashion addiction that every shopaholic should be aware of.

1. You Have To Try All The New Styles

Whether the trend has launched in the market or not, you have to go buy that fresh collection; no matter the price.

You don’t even consider whether that would look good on you; what matters is always being fashionably evolved. 

2. Your Closets Are Stuffed

You do not have any more space in your closet, and your cupboards are literally overflowing.

This is because you are not shopping when you need to; you are shopping when your mind is craving for it.

3. You Don’t Budget Your Shopping Anymore

You do not have a budget for tour shopping sprees anymore.

They have become more frequent, and you are using them to cope with any kind of distress in your life.

4. You Are Hoarding Clothes

Yes, we can understand, you have a lot of clothes in your closets. However, why not throw the ones who are no use anymore?

Are you finding it difficult to do this as well?

Are you holding onto clothes that you do not wear for your dear life? Then you definitely have a problem.

Not just fashion addiction, but also a major hoarding issue which you must look into.

5. Shopping Make You Happy

Is shopping your therapy to cope with mental health issues?

Then you are already crossing the danger zone. Shopping can never be a substitute for therapy.

Because then you are just coping up from your issues with the help of something which is not long-lasting and not to mention expensive.

Credit card debts will get you into more depression if you don’t stop.

6. You Have Not Wore Half Of It

So, your closet is filled with clothes and other fashion apparel; have you used all of them?

How many clothes do you still have with tags on?

No, I am not asking about the ones which you got like yesterday. What about the ones you got months ago, or even a year ago.

7. You Cannot Miss Out On A Sale

This is a very prominent issue which every person who is obsessed with fashion faces from.

They deliberately cannot say no to a sale!

For them, it is like saving money, but in reality, they are just spending more on things which they will never wear. 

Treatment For Fashion Addiction

Treatment for your fashion addiction is not the same as alcohol or drug addiction, where you go to rehab and then get a bunch of treatment.

The patient needs to recognize the problem and then make therapy their holy grail.

It is only regular therapy and self-help groups that can help you out of this situation.

Retail Is Not The Solution!

Yes, having something new to wear every day is great!

However, reaching your credit limit is not.

Getting bankrupt is not!

Thus, whenever you are going out on a shopping spree next time, ask yourself whether it is getting too much or do you just need it.

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