If the police arrest you, they might have some serious legal charges they’re bringing against you. Whether you committed the crime or crimes they mention or not, you need a competent defense. That means finding a lawyer or law office that handles these cases and can stand by you during your court appearances.

You can find a trusted defense lawyer for reliable legal support if you ask around. If you do not know anyone with personal experience with criminal law, you can always do some hunting online and find an attorney with a proven track record.

Now, let’s talk about three factors that make a real difference in criminal defense.

Do You Have a Reliable Alabi?

Let’s say you didn’t commit the crime the court system says you did. You must ask yourself what alibi you have that can exonerate you.

Maybe you not only didn’t commit the crime, but you don’t even know the people or circumstances involved. You’ll likely need to get on the stand and explain why the police can’t hold you responsible.

If you didn’t commit the crime, but you have a shaky alibi, then the jury might still convict you. Wrongful convictions happen sometimes. This leads to the second crucial factor in these sorts of criminal cases.

Do You Have Evidence Proving You Didn’t Commit the Crime?

Sometimes, to ensure the jury does not convict you, you must prove you didn’t commit the crime. Even though the legal system presumes you innocent until it proves you guilty, juries can still make mistakes.

If you can produce irrefutable evidence that you didn’t commit this crime, though, that should keep you out of jail. Maybe you can show video footage that puts you in a different location at the moment someone committed the crime.

You might get that footage from smartphone cameras, traffic cameras, store security cameras, or any other camera that registered your presence. You can find more cameras than ever out in the world, and maybe that’s what saves you.

Can You Produce Credible Witnesses Who Can Testify on Your Behalf?

Maybe you don’t have video footage of that kind, though. Perhaps no camera can verify your presence elsewhere at the time when someone committed this crime.

If so, your case might hinge on whether you can find some credible witnesses who can take the stand and testify on your behalf. For instance, you might have some coworkers or your boss who can say that you worked that day. You may have someone with community standing who can corroborate your location.

That might convince a jury if you can’t produce video or photographic evidence. Once you’ve won over the jury, they will presumably believe you’re not guilty.

Whatever evidence you do or don’t have that can exonerate you, you have a better chance to avoid jail if you can get the right defense lawyer. You want someone with prior experience and a proven track record.

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