The popular notion is that when you die, your soul simply ascends to heaven. But the path to the afterlife is far more layered and structured, as this metaphysical teacher describes.

According to revered multidimensional psychic Theyeshuani, the journey after death is far more nuanced than most presume. In this metaphysical wisdom piece, we will explore Theyeshuani’s profound insights into where our souls travel when we leave the physical realm.

As an esteemed psychic guide, Theyeshuani has accessed sacred knowledge of the subtle dimensions beyond our waking reality. They offer us a glimpse into the layered realms awaiting us and the process undertaken as we ultimately reunite with our eternal nature.

While our physical forms have expiration dates, Theyeshuani reminds us that our consciousness is continuous and our true selves everlasting. Our essence remains unchanged, only expanding into greater awareness.

Let us open our minds to Theyeshuani’s spiritual wisdom as we seek to understand the path that unfolds after our temporal bodies complete their earthly tenure. What lies ahead may be far more vast and intricate than traditional doctrines have presumed.

You Cannot Actually Die

While the physical body expires, your consciousness continues uninterrupted, remaining who you truly are. This vessel is just a temporary container for your eternal essence.

The Spectrum of Reality

Imagine reality as a spectrum. Currently, we are focused on the physical dimension. After death, you expand back into your fullness, experiencing yourself across higher planes.

The Astral Realm

When your body dies, you enter the astral realm in your astral body. The astral is an energetic duplicate of the physical world, where thoughts manifest. It’s the gateway between the physical and the true afterlife.

You may first perceive the astral as identical to Earth. But you are just behind the veil, incapable of the same interactions. This is where loved ones can meet you as you cross over.

The astral contains entire structures like its own heavens and hells. But these are not the ultimate afterlife destination. To reach that, you must go through the light. Avoiding it leaves you stuck as an astral being.

You Resonate to Your Frequency

The astral operates through telepathy and resonance. You instinctively manifest environments reflecting your state of being – most into heavenly places initially. Those with guilt may create their own hellish experiences for purification. But true hell does not exist.

Expanding Into Your Fullness

As you ascend the spectrum, you regain the memories of each subtle body and fully reconnect with your eternal nature. You remain exactly who you are now, just with increased awareness.

This provides an overview of the metaphysical perspective on where we go when we leave the physical. Let me know if you would like me to refine or expand on any part of the summary. The goal is an informative yet engaging human-written style.

Navigating the Ascent to Our Divine Nature

Beyond the Astral Plane

In higher realms, beings manifest as orbs of light rather than physical forms. These light bodies represent different frequencies of consciousness.

Leaving the astral, existence becomes more ephemeral – lights and sounds vs concrete ideas. It seems incomprehensible from the human perspective, yet is simpler and purer.

Coherent frequencies sound orchestral, discordant ones metallic and harsh. There is as much awareness in these realms, though the mode of being is less nuanced than the physical.

Ascending Into Oneness

As we expand into our wholeness after death, we take on our purest state – we become light. Our colors and luminosity perfectly convey our essence.

This process reverses when incarnating. We gently descend through teaching spaces on each plane, zooming inward to focus on specific aspects of ourselves.

The purpose is gaining nuanced experience impossible in our oneness. We come here to examine facets of ourselves closely, like cells under a microscope, for growth unachievable elsewhere.

Through this sacred cycle of descent into individuality and reunification with divinity, we realize ourselves fully, appreciating the gifts of each phase of being.

Community Reactions: Top Comments and Replies

@hntonhkndss0: How come we don’t remember before we were born?

@mindovermatters: Allegedly forgetting we are eternal is part of the fun/test. Kind of like if you could enjoy a movie again for the first time

@hntonhkndss0: ok so our memories are erased what about DNA 🧬 we’re born in a different family each time or race?

@mindovermatters: We decided what family to be born into to learn lessons. We don’t have to choose to be human Sometimes you change roles aka your mom might’ve been your daughter in a past life

@mindovermatters: Michael Newton and Dolores Canon have books on life between lives
Brian Weiss talks about past lives

@kittyflower15: Does everyone choose everything? Like every person on earth

@mindovermatters: From what I read we have outlines For example maybe you’re here to learn patience HOW you learn and the details are fluid Love and forgiveness are what’s most important

@turdfurguson12: Haha like I’m gonna believe those people

@daiself: what abt the people who get murdered?😭

@vicious2422: if memories are erased you are no longer you. Furthermore, if the soul had any Influence on who you are. Brain damage/ neurological degenerative diseases or drug use wouldn’t matter.

@mindovermatters: The rules of the physical world apply while we live in this temporary meat suit. You dream right? you forget who you are every time You still eventually wake up

@vicious2422: there are naturalistic explanations of what happens to our brain when we dream. we have evidence contrary to what you say.

@vicious2422: you can literally operate on a brain. scratch out memories and conscious thoughts. Everything that makes you you is gone to the point of you being a vegetable. your heart still beats but you’re gone.

@mindovermatters: The University of Virginia Division of perceptual studies has researched past life memories of children and NDEs for 50 years Look into it The hall of records isn’t found by looking outward but inward

@kawaii_cookie: wow, this is deep

@mindovermatters: it’s all a dream we are each other’s projections

@theyeshuani: Seek within. You are consciousness. In you, the world exists. To the mind, it’s a bewildering maze. To the awakened, an amusing Lila, divine play.

@tylersluys: So, what happens after death if you don’t follow any religion?

@theyeshuani: Religion or no religion, the afterlife cares not. It’s about your resonance, your vibrational signature. Not the label you attached to your beliefs.

@susan_boyle_fan: This feels like something out of a movie

@mindovermatters: It kinda is Susan. You’re the lead actor in your own film. Welcome to the show.

@turdfurguson12: Wait, so who makes these rules?

@mindovermatters: We do collectively in higher dimensions before we incarnate.

@hntonhkndss0: what proof is there?

@mindovermatters: There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence and documented cases around past life memories especially in children that remember past lives with verifiable details.

@theyeshuani: Imagine reality as a spectrum. Currently, we are focused on the physical dimension. After death, you expand back into your fullness, experiencing yourself across higher planes.

@honkytonkangel11: This is too deep for a Monday

@mindovermatters: lol take it one sip at a time. It’s a lot to take in

@mindovermatters: Consciousness never sleeps, never dies. It’s beyond time and space, beyond the brain and body.

@theyeshuani: And to those inquiring about sources: this is not confined to books but through direct experience and inner revelation.

@theyeshuani: Feel free to ask more, dive deeper, or even challenge the perspective. Exploration is how we grow!

@hntonhkndss0: It still sounds like sci-fi to me

@mindovermatters: That’s fair. It does sound far out. Like any good sci-fi, it’s rooted in deeper truths. Keep an open mind 😊

@tylersluys: How do you explain consciousness?

@theyeshuani: Consciousness is the ground of all beings. It’s not a thing but the potential for all things. It’s what you are, fundamentally.

@susan_boyle_fan: So, are you saying we choose our lives?

@theyeshuani: Yes, more accurately.

@kawaii_cookie: This idea is comforting but also kind of scary.

@theyeshuani: It’s normal to feel both. It’s a big concept to wrap our heads around. But remember, it’s all about growth and experience.

@turdfurguson12: Can you prove any of this?

@theyeshuani: In the realm of metaphysics, the proof is more about personal validation and less about external proofs. Seek, experience, and validate within.

@hntonhkndss0: I need to think about this more.

@mindovermatters: Absolutely, take your time. Reflecting on this can change perspectives significantly.

@kittyflower15: Thanks for sharing, it’s been enlightening!

@mindovermatters: You’re welcome! Always here to discuss and explore these vast topics.

@daiself: Do you have more info on astral realms?

@mindovermatters: Yes, the astral realm is like a bridge between the physical world and higher spiritual realities. It’s where you are free from physical constraints.

@vicious2422: Sounds like a lot of speculation.

@mindovermatters: It does, but many have explored these realms through conscious astral projection and meditation. It’s about personal exploration.

@tylersluys: How can I learn more?

@theyeshuani: There are many resources—books, videos, and workshops that discuss these concepts. Start with authors like Michael Newton or Brian Weiss for a structured approach.

@susan_boyle_fan: This has been a bizarre but intriguing discussion.

@mindovermatters: That’s the beauty of it! It opens up new ways of seeing the world and our place in it.

@hntonhkndss0: I’ll need to digest this for a while.

@theyeshuani: Take all the time you need. Each journey is personal and unique.

@kawaii_cookie: It’s been real, thanks!

@theyeshuani: Thank you for engaging! Feel free to reach out anytime.

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