How to Make a Venn Diagram?
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A diagram that is used to express or represent the difference and similarities between two or more two concepts can be defined as the Venn diagram. It can also be known as a diagram that determines the logical relationship between two or more two sets visually. These diagrams are also known as the set or logic diagrams. A Venn diagram is made with the help of various mathematical figures such as circles, squares, rectangles, and so on. Mostly, a Venn diagram is made with the help of intersecting and non-intersecting circles that denote the relationship of the concepts or sets. Intersecting circles are those circles that intersect or collide with the other circle. Likewise, the non-intersecting circle is a circle that does not intersect any other circle in the set. The Venn diagram is mostly used in the fields of set theory, mathematics, business models, statistics, and computer science.

How to Make a Venn Diagram?

To recall, a diagram that is used to denote the similarities and differences between two or more two concepts is known as a Venn diagram. The following points are mentioned below:

  1. The first step is to categorize all the items into different sets based on their properties.
  2. Now, make or draw a rectangle and label it according to the relation of sets.
  3. Then, you may draw a circle based on the number of sets or concepts mentioned.
  4. The last step is to place or distribute all the items in the circles based on their congruent properties or characteristics.
  1. A large set that contains all the elements that are considered by all of the sets is known as the universal set. You may find a large rectangle in a Venn diagram, that figure is known as a universal set. It is generally represented by the block letter U or E.
  2. A set that is contained in all the other sets is known as a subset. In a Venn diagram, every set is a subset of itself where N is the natural numbers, I is the set of integers, and N ⊂ I, as all the natural numbers are integers.
  3. All the other sets in a Venn diagram are expressed with the help of geometrical figures such as circles. These circles are contained inside a rectangle or universal set.

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