Nowadays, the cost of a college education is rising faster than it was a few decades ago. That’s why so many students worldwide face financial constraints when it comes to fueling their college expenses.

With the fact that education is a vital part of life and very beneficial to society, it should be free. To some extent, the improvements in technology have made it possible to increase access to quality education worldwide, and there are already a few colleges with free tuition for low income students. Here are reasons why all college education should be free.

Improves society

When members of society are educated, they solve problems in their societies. And this means faster progress for society. More people in the society will also join the workforce, which lessens the wealth gap among the lower, middle, and upper-class members.

Too, people with quality education have a better understanding of the history of their community. They are in a good position to understand factors that affect their current economic conditions. Educational environments, such as classrooms and lunch tables, provide opportunities for students to engage in discussions and share ideas, further enhancing their understanding of their community and its history.

Lunch tables, in particular, offer informal settings for students to exchange thoughts, learn from each other’s experiences, and form bonds that can lead to collaborative problem-solving in the future. These interactions help to create well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to their society.

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Widened workforce

With the technological progressions, there is a shift in the workforce. That’s why most of the jobs are getting automated and replacing low-skill workers. Without quality education, it’s very challenging for the community members to get jobs.

Employees need to have great analytical skills and creative thinking abilities. With a free college education, students will attend school and get taught advanced skills in line with the advancing technology.

Boosts economy

Research shows that most students graduate with massive debt. And with the rising cost of living standards, different governments have been forced to raise the number of loans given to the students. This even increases the level of debt that the students owe the government.

Even after graduating, the debt keeps increasing due to the interest rates attached to it. That’s why it takes so many years for the students to dig themselves out of debt. And this delays things like buying a house or starting a business. If the students were to graduate without debt, this would fasten their ability to earn, save and spend.

Equality and equity

Equality and equity are some of the reasons why colleges should be free. Many students face many challenges that stem from unaffordability when attending college. While government loans seem like a better option, most of them cannot afford to stay away from working as they have to take care of their families.

That means that the playing ground isn’t always leveled. Too, most of the brilliant students mostly come from low-income families. That means the rising college fees will deter these students from attending college, affecting the innovation and economic stimulation of the country.

Increases focus amongst graduates

It’s very challenging to make progress when graduates have to pay debts. In most, they will be stressed financially and lack concentration, and their productivity will decline drastically over time. This affects mostly college students who have to work, afford to house, and still pay to attend classes. 

Others are unwilling to be employed because the pay is too low, and the cuts are high, especially tax and student loan deductions. So, if college education becomes free, students can shift their concentration on things that matter most. They will be able to focus on their studies and put their energy into education activities like research.

reasons why college should be free


If you were wondering why colleges are so expensive, at least you have some clues. This affects students’ life greatly. As a result, the government should intervene and fund a college education, so the students have a fair playing ground. A free college education will ensure that students are focused on education matters, and they will be able to draw solutions that are very beneficial to society. As a result, the country’s economy will grow as most community members increase their earnings.

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