How To Ease Your Kids Back-to-School Anxiety

We can all remember the feeling of our first day of school: the fun of planning our outfits, purchasing cute stationery, and the excitement of seeing our friends. With so many expectations on the horizon, you can hardly fall asleep. However, for some children, these expectations bring anxiety rather than enthusiasm. You want your to enjoy their first day of school, and all the excitement that comes with it. Here are ways to ease your kids back-to-school anxiety.

Do a Rehearsal

A huge source of back-to-school anxieties comes from not knowing what to do or where to go. No kid wants to feel lost in a sea of people. That is why you might want to “rehearse” drop-off and pick-up. This is particularly helpful if your kid is starting at a new school.

If you decide to rehearse, don’t forget to walk around and check out the playground. Moreover, the school might be accessible during this time as they prepare for the new year. You might be able to head inside and walk your kid through the hallways but check with administrators first.

Soothing Crafts

Crafting is a great way to calm your kids down and soothe their minds. As such, consider implementing more craft time into the days and weeks leading up to school. You can create a ridiculously-large pencil out of foam noodles together that is bound to make them giggle and maybe even ignite a little excitement for their first day. You can do many back-to-school crafts ideas with pool noodles that also help put them in a schooling mindset.

Validate Them

Your kids have likely expressed concerns over going back to school. One of the best ways to ease their anxieties is to validate them. Often, feelings of anxiety can increase when you feel you are alone. As such, make sure to let your kids know that it is more than normal to feel first-day jitters. Nearly everyone experiences this. You might even consider divulging a personal anecdote of a first day you were nervous about, which will help them relate to you and not feel as afraid.

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