Once you get a specific writing assignment, you may know how to complete it. Each task has particular requirements, including writing style, word count, structure, and other factors. Moreover, the further you go with the education process, the more attention teachers will pay to the requirements.

As with each writing, the first essay creation may be challenging. So, people need guidelines to understand and follow all the requirements while writing. With many instructions on the Internet, students can lose the necessary information. That’s why we came to help, presenting you with the best guide on essay writing. After reading it, you won’t need to ask me to write my essay for me.

Choose the Essay Category

There are four basic categories for this writing:

  • Descriptive. The one that describes a particular problem or situation.
  • Informative. Reveals the information readers do not know.
  • Explanatory. Provides an explanation for some processes.
  • Persuasive. The author convinces the reader to adopt a particular point of view.

Individuals can decide what type of essay they want to write based on these categories. For example, it could be a creative essay, which belongs to a descriptive category and allows you to build a story yourself. On the other hand, you could go for a classic 5-paragraph essay in any category if you received a standard topic at school or college.

Brainstorm Yourself for a Topic, Thesis, or an Idea

Every essay has a main theme. It could be a problem, a question, or a statement that requires discussion. The idea should be placed in the topic sentence. After that, in the supporting sentence, you may develop it, giving more details and supporting your opinion with arguments in body paragraphs.

A brainstorm will help you develop a correct topic, revealing the main idea in one or two sentences. After the first step, it’s much easier to move on, providing arguments and samples. The earlier you start writing, the better. You will have more time to develop your ideas and decide whether you need specific information in your writing.

Establish the Structure

Despite the classic structure of five paragraphs, separating the information between the parts is essential.

  • A brief and catchy introduction. It will grab readers’ attention and make them follow the main idea.
  • A strong body part. Having enough space with two or three paragraphs, you may describe situations and problems, supporting your opinion with facts, examples, and arguments. Readers may not understand the topic as well as you, so use space in body paragraphs to clarify details and give enough information.
  • A conclusion. Try not to add any new information to this part as it summarizes everything mentioned in the previous parts. In conclusion, you say whether you answered the main question/resolved the main problem or not. It should look like a recap.

Remember about the word count, and avoid surpassing the limit. An average essay is 650 words in length. Writing 700 or more will be too much.

Double-Checking and Editing

Once you finish the writing part, it doesn’t mean the job is done. Double-check your essay to correct possible issues. Read the text two-three times from the beginning to the end and the opposite to ensure you follow the logical sequence and include all the information in writing.

Don’t forget about the plagiarism check. Once your writing matches other essays, the mark for the task will be lower, or it won’t even be accepted. To prevent that, ensure your paper is 100% unique.

Ask someone else to read your essay.

Such tips are not only about essays but about all writing tasks. When someone with a fresh look checks the text, it helps to reveal new issues or replace some parts with better options. Teachers may be picky about using cliches, so it’s up to you to add something new to the text. For example, look for a synonym if you used one word five times.

Final Thoughts

Essay writing can bring trouble if you start it without initial preparation. Having a topic, structure, and, what’s essential, motivation to write an essay is crucial. It’s like a puzzle where you need to have all the parts in front of you. Once you have everything, the job will be done much easier to create a well-structured essay with high readability.

However, if the task looks too complicated and you can’t handle it, ask for help. Hiring a professional essay writer is a wise choice. The specialist will complete the task according to all requirements.

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