It’s challenging to encounter a person who doesn’t like writing a character essay. People mostly choose personalities they are familiar with, especially from their favorite works. They know everything about the character to describe them, their evolution, and what we can learn from this character in the end.

However, sometimes people struggle trying to decide what character they should choose. Heroes from novels, plays, movies, and TV series have different qualities and show themselves from different angles. Remember that you can always search for a top essay writing review and find examples of such assignments. However, what if we give you a list of characters to write about? When you have a short list of the best candidates, making a final choice is much easier.

Tyrion Lannister

Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire would probably name Tyrion one of the series’s most intelligent characters. He doesn’t have a big sword, a strong body, or other similar advantages. However, he has another massive advantage – communication skills. Tyrion’s ability to negotiate and achieve his goals can’t be ignored. You can use it as the main thesis of your writing task, mentioning how he was able to avoid execution and complete several deals with self-benefits.

Peter Parker

We know him as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but at the same time, he is a school student who combines super-heroes duties with everyday life. In your character essay, you can describe his relationships with Aunt May, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, Flash Tompson, and other important people. In addition, he tries to keep people safe and hide his secret identity.

Bruce Wayne

A naughty billionaire who punishes criminals at night. Bruce Wayne always remains calm and strong, but how can he do that? Authors use different methods, especially in dialogues, to describe Bruce from different angles and show that he has feelings, worries, and personal issues that can’t make him live everyday life like everybody else.

Bill Denbro

He was a humble kid who suffered the death of his younger brother but then led a group of kids to defeat the greatest evil of his life. Stephen King didn’t mention that Bill is the main character of the whole novel, but his leadership played a significant role. He helped Mike, Ben, and other kids overcome their greatest fears and fight a creature from another planet with literally no weapons.


Real badass, a leader of Saviors, and probably, the greatest antagonist in the history of The Walking Dead. The way he establishes dominance and makes people surrender to him shocks me. At one moment, he’s a guy that talks to you like a friend, but he shows ruthless aggression the next moment. However, he’s not a psycho, as he clearly understands what needs to be done to achieve all goals. You can find his best scenes and describe how he becomes dominant among those who hate him for what he did.

What to Write About in a Character Essay

What to Write About in a Character Essay

Once you hire a writer to buy a cheap essay, this question is irrelevant to you. However, deciding what your character essay will be about is important if you want to complete the task yourself. Looking at the personalities above, you can develop such essay topics:

  • Is a character important?

What would happen if you threw the character from the story? Will the sequence remain the same? How will other personalities change after losing someone important to the plot? You can try to answer those questions in the assignment.

  • How do challenging moments affect the character?

We can decide whether a person is strong or not only by their words but by their actions as well. The strongest and weakest qualities reveal when the character gets into a difficult situation. Analyzing such moments can be a good background for the essay.

  • What makes this character interesting?

It’s easy to say that a particular person draws attention because of their charisma or strong statements. But how exactly can they attract? You can analyze episodes from the novel or movie and use quotations to support your opinion. The readers of your essay may show interest in the character too.

Final Thoughts

Myriads of options for character essays, however, don’t guarantee that people will get such writing done so quickly. Some people need help to prepare for the task as they search for options to payforessay. But now, when there is so much information to use, maybe it’s time to try doing it yourself.

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