Black Lives Matter Culture

Black Lives Matter began with a social media hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in 2012. The movement grew nationally in 2014 after the deaths of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York. The mission of the “Black Lives Matter” movement is to eradicate the supremacy of the whites and build a system that fights against the oppression of the blacks.

However, many essay examples have been written to combat the issue of the whites tormenting the blacks. An example is the black lives matter argumentative essay on Happyessays. In the essays, there is an explanation of how the blacks aim to end the violence they’re being subjected to. The blacks are taking up this movement because it will greatly improve their lives. The blacks have been subjected to victimization by whites. The essay shed more light on the issues they encountered before the protest.

Also, the “Black Lives Matter” Movement has chapters nationwide after its establishment in America. The movement is striving to see the rights of the African groups nationwide.

The Culture of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Culture of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The movement started in 2013 with the sole aim of ending the brutality against blacks. It’s a Black American movement aimed at ending police brutality and unjust killing of Africans. The BLM movement holds protests across the United States and internationally. The protest was massive, and they made sure they penetrated every quota where the Africans were being oppressed.

The BLM protest became heightened in 2014 when two blacks were unjustly killed. The movement plays a great role in demonstrating and expressing their disdain for the illegal killings. They don’t only want to solve the unjust killings of the blacks. They made the unjust and unfair policies of the whites made known to the world.

The BLM movement never developed any source of funding. They are only concerned about ensuring their rights and clamors are attended to. They rely on donations from people to fund their programs and activities. In each of their activities, they clamor for social change. They want a policy that’ll be inclusive. They aren’t a political movement, and there is no relation between the movement and a political leader. Likewise, they are only concerned about ensuring safety and protection.

Also, these movement uses social media platforms to perpetrate their protests. The popular Hashtag ‘#BlackLivesMatter” is to create awareness about their wants. Their activities are visible on Twitter, Google, and Wikipedia.

How Do They Affect the People

The BLM movement originates as a force to see to the safety of the Africans within the Americans. It is a social and political movement that stands out as a force and fights for a common reason. They Affect the people by ensuring the following

  • Upholding The Human Rights: The BLM protest is staged to eradicate disrespectful acts from the whites. The police are known for brutalizing the Africans and subjecting them to punishments. They aim to stop the unjust killing of the Africans over little or insignificant things. Some African students also experienced some injustice in their college. They work to reform government policies at all levels. They negotiate, litigate and clamor for change at both the grassroots and the leadership levels.
  • Maintaining Racial Equality of the Blacks: The whites are known to treat their kind with the utmost respect, but when it comes to the blacks, they see them as mere men. The main aim of the BLM movement is to provide a means of equality between these two sects. They do not only work on how Africans are policed. The movement also works on how African students are treated in schools, universities, and colleges. They work on eradicating any traces of racial inequality and maintaining a lasting change in the system. They work on eradicating the known history and introducing new policies.


The BLM movement plays a very significant role in the lives of Africans. They are formulated to ensure that African rights are safeguarded. Also, they aim to protect the Black citizens from the claws of the police. They make sure their rules and policies are to maintain equality between two sects of people. They are a group of people whose aim is to eradicate social injustice and make social reforms.

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