If you think about who your boyfriend is to you, what comes to mind?

The likely answer is that he’s your best friend, your confidant, your rock, your lover, and your safe space.

Why should you wait for a special occasion such as a holiday or a day of celebration to do something nice for him?

Why not show him just how much he means to you this very week (or today)!

Here are some cute things and ideas that you can do for your boyfriend:

Just Tell Him What’s on Your Mind

In other words, have an intimate conversation where there are no restrictions and speak your heart out.

Ideally, do this in person rather than over text or phone. Just sit down and talk to him. Even though this may not seem like a traditional gift, it will create a special moment for the two of you.

Unleash Your Inner Artist: Paint, Sip, and Enjoy

Do an art experience like a paint and sip session with Pinot & Picasso. You’ll flex your artistic muscle, have a good time, and get a painting to keep that’ll last as a memory from your cute date together.

Talk About Travel While Doing the Dishes

It may sound like a strange suggestion at first glance. However, doing the dishes together is one of the most overlooked sexy moments to enjoy with your partner.

While you do the dishes in the kitchen together, talk about a trip to a winery, or your favorite travel destinations and where you want to go in the future.

Hide A Note

Don’t just write him a sweet note. Write it and then hide it, but leave it somewhere you know he is bound to find it. The places can include his:

  • Backpack
  • Messenger bag
  • Suitcase
  • Car
  • Shoes
  • Pillow
  • Desk drawer

The best kinds of notes either show your love and appreciation for him or promise a future date.

For example, you can lead him on a treasure hunt where he needs to follow clues, but where the final destination is a date with you at your favorite restaurant.

Send Him Something He Likes at Work

Send Him Something He Likes at Work

We all know the cliché of boyfriends sending their girlfriends flowers at work, but what if you were to flip the script on it and send him something at work instead?

The gift does not have to be flowers, but send him something you know he would appreciate. Only you know your boyfriend, but examples could include his favorite snacks or beverages, or even just a simple love note.

What If He’s Long Distance?

What if your boyfriend lives hundreds or thousands of miles away from you? The good news is there are still lots of things you can do for him anyway.

Send him a present, a story that you wrote of the two of you together, cook dinner together over a video call, or best of all, surprise him by actually showing up physically when he least expects it.

You can also get him a long distance frienship lamp and use it to remind him that you are thinking about him at all times!

What If He's Long Distance?

Praise Him in Front of Others  

All boyfriends love to know their girlfriend appreciates them. That is why you should praise your boyfriend in public. Speak highly of him in front of your friends, mention something wonderful that he did when you have dinner with his parents, or create a social media post where you eagerly talk about his daring exploits.

Show Him Affection in Public

Engaging in public displays of affection with your boyfriend is another way to show him that you love and appreciate him. Hold his hand in public, throw your arm around him at a restaurant, leaning against his shoulder, kiss him on the cheek, or lay down with your head in his lap while you read at a public bench.

Show Him Affection in Public

Surprise Him with His Favorite Dinner

What’s your boyfriend’s favorite meal? When he comes home from work, surprise him with dimmed kitchen lights, candles, and his favorite meal prepared on the table.

Do a Staycation at Home

Why not stay at home for the day and just enjoy each other’s company without any real agenda? Make this suggestion to him, and he will most likely be more eager for it than you may have thought.


Any one of the ideas mentioned above is things that your boyfriend is bound to appreciate. But don’t limit yourself just to these ideas.

Can you think of anything else cute that you believe your boyfriend would enjoy?

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