We get style inspiration from all different places including films. Has there been a movie(s) that has influenced your look?

We get style inspiration from a wide variety of places, including celebrities, music, random people on the streets, magazines, books, and even animals. Movies can also have a tremendous impact on your style. Sometimes when you see a look on screen, you realize you love it so much, you have to copy it exactly. Then there are other times where it happens on a subconscious level. You may not have realized Star Wars had an impact on you style-wise, but when you re-watch it, you suddenly realize that Han Solo made you love tall boots with slim pants and vests.

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What movie or movies have influenced your style? Is there an Old Hollywood film that has so much glamour that it makes you want to put on red lipstick before you watch it? Or have you been influenced by a modern film? Did you love the Sex And The City movies’ over-the-top style, even if you weren’t feeling the storylines that much?

I was thinking about this question recently. There are lots of movies that I could watch on mute and still be interested in just because they are so visually stunning. I love the looks but don’t think they really work with my usual style. In terms of movies that have influenced my look, I don’t think there is one major one but multiple ones that change over the course of time. Mean Girls made me think I could have more pastels in my closet, and I could do with a few more cardigans to go with my flippy skirts. I also blame Clueless for making me really want to buy a pair of silver pants with fuzzy trim on the bottom. Thankfully I put them back on the rack. I could say Pirates Of The Caribbean made me love pirates boots and blouses, but sorry, Captain Jack, that was the boho craze, not you and your fantastic accessorizing.

What movie(s) has really had an impact on your style? Let us know in the comments.

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