Top Halloween Movies with Cult Genre to Watch This October

October is almost here. It’s Halloween candy season, mulled apple cider, and a merry scary holiday ahead! Do not mind us; we are just counting down the remaining days! Halloween is just around the corner, so you are probably getting ready for some fun Halloween parties, downloading some spooky Halloween songs, and maybe even reading a spooky Halloween book. Watching classic Halloween movies is one of our favorite Halloween activities.

There are many spooky cult movies to choose from that are perfect for Halloween parties, ranging from musical comedies to comedies that feature killer ghosts, witches, clowns, and alien entertainers. You might have a specific image in mind when you think of the cult genre, but it has evolved over time to be more adaptable. No matter what type of movie you enjoy, any of the below-mentioned Halloween classics will not disappoint!

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This year, we are keeping it real and backing you up with our favorite selections of the top Halloween movies. Let us dive right in

  1. Rosemary’s Baby

This is not just your typical horror film it is a clever film with a slow-burning buildup that slowly fills with terror and captivating images. Numerous subliminal imagery and shocking scenes will keep you captivated.

The story starts when Rosemary (Mia Farro) moved into a massive home with her partner John Woodhouse (Guy Cassavetes). Rosemary Woodhouse believed that everything seems to be going well until she becomes pregnant and begins to fear that her neighbors are up to something bad.

With her charming and fascinating past, Mia Farrow’s acting captivates you, and her incredible performance makes you wonder what she would do if she weren’t controlled by the cult.

  1. The Exorcist

This film has probably been watched by most people at least once in their lives. This spooky season certainly calls for a second viewing. Watch now to see how a teenager will free herself from the evil things possessing her body, if you have not already.

  1. Hereditary

It is one of the scariest films ever made; it definitely is not for the weak. It begins as a sad family drama, but quickly turns into a terrifying supernatural horror movie, with demon worship as the primary cause of the family’s suffering. The Graham family discovers shocking secrets about their family history when their grandmother dies.

  1. The Void

The Void combines cultist scares, monsters, and an amazing strange effect. A group of people is locked in an isolated hospital by a strange group that believes there is another dimension hidden in the basement of the hospital.

A cult remains the scariest aspect of this movie, despite all the madness and cosmic love directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski. The silent characters, dressed entirely in a white robe, with strange triangular black sections covering their face make you feel a bit numb as they slowly make their way towards the hospital.

Another horror film, starring Dan Stevens and directed by Gareth Evans. This film is best for those looking for a suspenseful film with a slow buildup. It takes time to build its mystery so that first you get completely into the story and get shocked when it begins to reveal its numerous hidden answers. 

While some might not be awed by the slow motion, those who watched this piece were entertained by a violent and mysterious film that has never been made. A man travels to an island, off the beaten track in search of his sister who goes missing and is kidnapped by a mysterious religious cult in 1905.

This supernatural film is based on Stephen King’s novel, also a sequel to The Shining. You will love this film if you were a huge fan of Shining. The movie set in years after The Shining, A young girl will need Dan Torrance’s protection as she develops similar abilities, and they will also use their abilities to target children in order to remain unforgettable.

As a result of the phenomenal performances of the actors in Doctor Sleep, the cult featured in the film is one of the most vicious and most terrifying one-off cults you’ll ever see in the cinema. Danny Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor, is also excellent at making you feel a connection with him throughout the entire film.

  1. A Nightmare on the Elm Street

This is an American supernatural film directed by Wes Craven. You might want to steer clear of this one if you’re sleeping alone, because the story revolves around a girl who has lost her friends while asleep and finally realizes that it’s a dream that’s killing them. Is she going to be able to save herself, as well as more of her friends?


Now you are all set for Halloween; you can select any of the above-mentioned horror flicks with nefarious cults and enjoy. Who knows you can get inspired and get your Halloween outfit sorted out. So get a pile of candies, dim the lights, lock every door, and get on a comfortable couch for the best Halloween movies and start watching.

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