Senior homecoming mums are an enduring Texas tradition for high school seniors. These elaborate, decorative flowers allow creative self-expression of school spirit and individual personalities.

Some key details about senior homecoming mums:

  • Originated in Texas high schools as a homecoming tradition
  • Given as gifts by parents, friends, teachers, or potential dates/partners
  • Trends and customization options continue to evolve

Popular senior mum styles and customizations covered in this article:

  • Senior sash mums in school colors
  • Monogrammed ribbons and designer accents
  • Colors and creative color combinations
  • Extra large “Texas-sized” mums

The articles showcase how mums offer a personalized platform to celebrate your last homecoming with flair and spirit. Creative expression shines through flowers, ribbons, and other mum components.

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High school girls in floral dresses proudly wearing traditional homecoming mums.

Senior Sash Mums

The search results show that a “senior sash mum” is a large, elaborate homecoming mum. High school seniors in the United States wear it. Some key points about senior sash mums:

  • They are a tradition for senior students going to homecoming dances or football games. The mums are worn like a sash across the body.
  • They are very large, elaborate, and decorated mums. They have things like ribbons, bells, stuffed animals, lights, etc.
  • The centerpiece of the mum contains a sash with letters like “Senior” or the student’s name and school.
  • They can be quite expensive, with prices starting around $285 and going over $100 for custom designs.
  • They are considered a special tradition just for seniors. They celebrate their last homecoming.
  • Parents, friends, students themselves work for months in advance creating elaborate custom mums.

A senior sash mum is a large, decorated homecoming mum worn across the body by high school seniors in the US. It features a sash in the middle with the senior’s name or school. It is a tradition to celebrate their last homecoming.

Customized Ribbons

Senior homecoming mums feature personalized ribbons with the senior’s name, graduation year, school mascot. They also include phrases like “Senior” and “Class of 2024.” Popular ribbon materials include satin, metallic, and school color prints.

These ribbons are sold by the yard in standard sizes, around 1 3/8″ to 2.5″ wide. Ribbons can be custom ordered with imprinting done by mum suppliers for names, years, and logos.

Prices start around $5 per yard and vary based on size, materials, and customization. In summary, these customized ribbons are key for making each mum unique for the senior. They come in school colors and prints and can be personalized.

Ribbons can be customized with:

  • Monogrammed initials
  • Inspirational quotesmottos, or personalized sayings
Ribbon Customization OptionsExamples
MonogramsAJ, CM, JT
Quotes“Class of 2024”
Mottos“Go Big or Go Home”

Designer Mums

Designer senior homecoming mums offer full customization options. You can choose the size, number of flowers, colors, materials, ribbons, and accessories. You can also choose bears and bells.

Prices start around $285 and go over $600 for more elaborate mums. They use high-end materials like satin ribbons, rhinestones, and metallic elements.

They often incorporate the senior’s name, graduation year, school logo, and mascot. These are imprinted onto elements like custom ribbons and trim.

Designer mums focus on making each mum very unique, personalized, and elaborate for the individual senior. They use specialized materials, customization, and attention to detail to create them. Designer mums allow seniors to fully customize their mum. They can reflect their personality and achievements.

  • Many use professional designers for elaborate mums with unique flowers and accessories
  • Allows personalized self-expression through custom creations

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Extra Large “Texas-Sized” Mums

Some Texas high school seniors have been taking homecoming mums to the extreme. They’ve made gigantic mums up to 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide, shaped into an outline of Texas.

Constructing these enormous statement pieces requires dozens of smaller mums clustered together. It also requires hundreds of feet of embellishments and weeks of labor. Likely, the prices start at over $500.

Their massive, eye-catching size draws viral social media attention. However, it also requires special transportation since they don’t fit in cars. These over-the-top, state-shaped Texas mums showcase school pride. They also take viral attention-seeking to the extreme.

Some try setting Guinness World Records with giant mums to showcase:

  • School spirit
  • Texas pride
  • Over-the-top homecoming celebration

Unique Color Schemes

Senior homecoming mums often incorporate prescribed colors like black, white, and silver. The colors help distinguish them from underclassmen.

They may also use non-school colors, like pink, purple, and blue, for more personal expression.

Metallic colors like gold, rose gold, and silver add a glamorous look. They can be mixed with traditional school colors for a unique combo.

Senior mums allow more flexibility. They can use colors beyond the standard school colors. These can include black, white, silver, non-school colors, metallics, and color mixtures. This helps seniors stand out.

Creative color combinations make mums unique:

  • Showcase official school colors
  • Complemented by personalized accents


In conclusion, senior homecoming mums allow creative self-expression and celebration of your last high school homecoming.

Key points:

  • Mums showcase school spiritpride, and individual personalities
  • Trends and customizations make mums unique
  • Enduring Texas tradition continues to evolve

Popular options covered in this article:

  • Senior sash mums
  • Monogrammed and designer accents
  • Custom color schemes
  • Extra large “Texas-sized” flowers

As discussed, mums offer seniors a personalized platform to highlight their high school journey and memories with flair.

Creative details shine through in:

  • Ribbons
  • Quotes
  • Arrangements
  • And more

Senior homecoming mums are a beloved Texas high school tradition. They allow creative expression of school spirit and individuality.

As seniors celebrate their last homecoming, customized sashes, ribbons, designer accents, oversized arrangements, and unique color schemes make mums an enduring way to showcase personality and flair.

Trends continue to evolve. But the spirit of community and anticipation around homecoming permeates these ornate flowers. Schools and social circles exchange them as gifts.

Senior mums ultimately commemorate the memories, emotions, and identities cultivated over four years. They memorialize a special high school chapter for Texas teens.

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