Finding a blossoming passion to express your inner artist can be an exciting prospect to realize. There are so many directions that you can take an artistic desire, and what you ultimately go on to create is going to end up unique to you and your internal artistic process. However, with an artistic hobby, there is no need to be concerned about the completed project – the process itself is something that will bring you satisfaction and relaxation.

However, where do you begin? The difficulty with the umbrella term of ‘art’ is that it can ultimately encompass just about anything. There are so many options and ways to be artistic that it ultimately depends on your own taste, your lifestyle and the direction you want to pursue.

Painting and Drawing

These might be the candidates that first come to your mind when you think of ‘art’ and fortunately, these provide a great many options for you to begin your journey. While you might be daunted by the incredibly high level of talent, both from historical artists and contemporary examples that you find online, everyone has to start somewhere, and taking the time to find what you enjoy and trying many different styles might be what you need to identify your own style.

For drawing, this might mean finding step-by-step guides that can teach you how to draw objects, animals or styles. For painting, you might find that opting for a Paint by Number kit might help you improve your manual dexterity while also being a satisfying activity in its own right.


Others might feel a creative pull towards writing. If you want to try writing it doesn’t matter what the topic or concept might be, or even what format it is in – the important part is to jump straight in.  

The trick is to not get deterred by the immediate lack of a result that you’re happy with. A first draft is famously something that needs revision, and if it’s your first time writing creatively, you might find that it takes some time learning how you work best before you begin to produce something you love, but that doesn’t have to stop the process from being fun.

The hardest part of writing is getting something down on the blank page – the point of a first draft is to get your ideas out and then refine them once they’re down.


Music is an art form which people are aware of, but often put into its own category – away from paintings and sculpture. Many people also veer away from trying to express themselves creatively with music, thinking that they have to have formal training or lessons with a teacher to gain the skills they want.

This might be true in the long run, however, you might also find that if you’re looking for a hobby that you can simply explore at your own leisure, getting your hands on an instrument of choice could be the only hurdle. Once you have access to the instrument you are interested in playing, you might be able to pick up the basics by following guides and tutorials online. You should also remember that singing is a fantastic way to make music.

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