Casinos are among the most popular settings for movies. Full of drama, excitement, and of course glamour, they have served as the perfect backdrop for larger-than-life characters that have graced the big screen for decades. The popularity of casinos owes much to that glitz and glamor, with patrons able to dress to impress while enjoying all the fun of table games and slots. However, nowadays of course many of us don’t have the time to visit casinos. That is why you may want to play online casino for real money. At the click of a button, you have thousands of classic and modern games at your fingertips.

In the interest of being true to life, many movies incorporate that dress-codes of many casinos in their characters’ wardrobes. We have seen tons of beloved movie characters played by some of the biggest names in cinema history don extraordinary outfits curated by some legendary costume designers. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic casino looks in movie history.

James Bond in Casino Royale

James Bond is one of the biggest style icons in movie history. Whether it’s the pictures of the 60s or the epics of the 90s and present; the air of 007 has remained debonair. When it comes to casino looks, there has been a few throughout Bond history. However, perhaps the most iconic came in Dnaiel Craig’s first outing as the legendary protagonist in Casino Royale (2006). In this picture, directed by Martin Campbell, Bond must prevent villain Le Chiffre from winning a high stakes poker game. The legendary poker scene sees Craig dressed in a stylish, black dinner jacket tailored by Brioni. With a one-button front, silk trimmed peak lapels, jetted pockets, no vents and no waistcoat this was a successful effort at ushering a new, modern James Bond.

Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven

The Ocean’s franchise is centred around a group of professional thieves who develop a plot to loot three major casinos in Las Vegas. The group is led by Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan, played by George Clooney and Brad Pitt respectively. Clooney and Pitt are not the only megastars in this picture however with an ensemble cast including Andy Garcia, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts. The characters must of course blend in with all the glitz and glamour of a Vegas casino, meaning they dress the part. Brad Pitt is seen dressed in some of the most unique of the flick with diagonally cut suits made by L.A.-based custom tailor, Dominic Gherardi. His chocolate-brown is one of the most stunning— double breasted and ventless with medium peak lapels with a straight boutonniere hole on the left.

Sharon Stone in Casino

Sharon Stone in Casino

This epic crime film saw director Martin Scorsese reconnect with longtime collaborators Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. It follows Same ‘Ace’ Rothstein, played by De Niro, a gambling expert who is entrusted by the mob in Chicago with overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas. Stone plays one of the main antagonists in Ginger Mckenna, a hustler who marries Ace and frequently causes trouble for both herself and her husband. Stone stuns all throughout the movie with sequinned dresses and two-piece skirts and jackets that harken back to 70s era Vegas, in which the movie is set. However, perhaps the most fondly remembered fit of hers is her stunning sequinned, cream coloured dress. Complete with an intricate, jewelled design around the neck and chest, it is plain to see the wardrobe department’s alleged $1 million budget on show.

Tom Cruise in Rain Man

Rain Man tells the story of LA-based automobile dealer Charlie, played by Tom cruise, a selfish, narcissistic individual who learns that the bulk of his estranged fathers fortune has been left to someone other than himself. He comes to learn that, that person is Raymond, his reclusive, autistic-savant older brother who had been sent away when Charlie was a toddler. After meeting Raymond, Charlie learns of his uncanny mathematic ability and seeks to take advantage by bringing him to casinos to count cards and stack his fortune. Though Cruise plays an abrasive, unlikable character for much of this film; his costume design was impeccable. Accessorized with Ray Ban sunglasses, Cruise’s character dons gray, charcoal and navy silk toned jackets along with a gold Rolex and button up shirt. A true reflection of the yuppification that embodied the 80s, Cruises Charlie Babbitt dresses for his personality and while that may not be a compliment to the fictional character, you cannot argue with his style.

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