How To Give A Challenge Coin: A Guide To Proper Etiquette

Have you heard of Challenge Coins before? If not, you’re in the right place. We’ll look into what Challenge Coins are. Also, we’ll compile a guide about proper etiquette when gifting a Challenge Coin.

What are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are tokens of appreciation that were originally used in the military. They’re given to those who support the organization. The tradition of Challenge Coins is also used by firefighters and law enforcement officers, as well as in other service industries.

Why Are They Called “Challenge Coins”?

The Challenge Coin is a great way to encourage your peers or coworkers to give their best efforts at all times. It’s often called “a coin for knocking down challenges.”

The coin is a form of status and recognition. The term “challenge” is used loosely here. It may be given for a physical battle or any obstacle that the receiver has had to overcome.

Historically, the Challenge Coin was not a reward for being wounded or killed in action. That’s not what it was meant for. It’s a symbol of fearless courage and bravery.

What are Challenge Coins?

How to Give a Challenge Coin?

The challenge coin is traditionally given to officers, firefighters, and other individuals who have acheived a notable goal.

Q: What Do I Need To Give A Challenge Coin?

A: To give a Challenge Coin, you must first understand that it’s not a freebie or a means to entitlement in any way. Everyone who receives one has to earn it. They’ve also got to meet the requirements first (e.g. dedicated service or efforts in an organization).

Q: What Are The Requirements?

A: Let’s say your organization has a challenge coin. It may require them to achieve certain goals beforehand. For example, they need first to achieve a certain rank or perform meritorious actions.

Q: How Do I Know If The Receiver Is Qualified?

A: It will be evident if a receiver deserves one beforehand. Someone who qualifies for a Challenge Coin is someone who has shown dedication and grit, or achieved a personal goal or an objective that has benefited the collective organization.

How To Use A Challenge Coin Properly?

How To Use A Challenge Coin Properly?

Here are the general rules and etiquette of using a Challenge Coins. Of course, these are not exclusive to any group or organization. But every organization may outline its own rules.

  1. When you give a Challenge Coin for outstanding leadership, you’re showing the members their strength. Also, you’re letting them know that they’re important to your organization or unit. You may be giving them a token of your appreciation and recognition that they’re doing their job well.
  2. When you receive a Challenge Coin, accept it with pride. It’s a mark of your achievement and recognition. You deserve it for doing your best. If you’re in a group, you may also want to pass it onto the next person who deserves it.
  3. When carrying a Challenge Coin, wear it outside of your uniform to show that you’re an officer or leader; this will let people know that they can approach you at any time without hesitation.
  4. When using a Challenge Coin, wear it with pride. You shouldn’t use it as a reward or an incentive to make up for not doing your work.

How Far Should the Challenge Coin Go?

The Challenge Coin is given to show respect and appreciation to people who happen to be in the military or other organizations that require dedication.

Even if organization members don’t feel respected by others, they’ll know their superiors respect them if they are given Challenge Coins and other forms of recognition. However, if the leader respects everyone else more than his own officers and men, that’s where the system breaks down. As a result, the organization will lose its ethics and sense of community. Instead of working together, they’ll just be competing with each other.

So, there has to be some level playing field when giving Challenge Coins or giving out awards and incentives. For example, everyone has equal rights and opportunities to improve themselves in their career.

Also, everyone has to be treated equally. That’s not just the case if you’re in a military unit. It’s also true for a business or any other organization.

How Can You Give Out Challenge Coins Properly?

Should you give out Challenge Coins only to those who have worked hard enough to deserve it? That’s probably not going to work in any organization, regardless of the purpose. The employer will always have higher standards and expectations than his employees and subordinates. That’s why they’re equal in rank.

No matter how far down the ranks you go, people have to respect their superiors. If that’s not the case, the organization will fail.

That’s why employers and leaders should always start with giving out Challenge Coins to the best of their subordinates or officers first. Then, they can reward other members for their accomplishments as well.

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