15 Incredible Benefits Of Listening To Classical Music

Classical Music Month falls in September each year and is a celebration of the beauty of historical compositions as well as modern and more contemporary classical pieces composed in recent years.

In 1994, Bill Clinton declared that going forward, every September would be dedicated to all things classical music. Since then, concert halls and unique venues, large and small, across the globe have held classical music concerts throughout the month of September to celebrate.

In addition to the obvious entertainment factor, listening to classical music can have some interesting effects on the human body. Studies have shown that listening to classical music can not only reduce stress but can actually lower blood pressure and improve heart health. In addition to this, the mental health benefits of listening to classical music can include increased creativity, a boost in brain power, and can even be an effective aid in treating depression. Having trouble sleeping? Well, classical music might just help you in that department too! Really the benefits are endless.

Wondering how to celebrate classical music month? There are many ways to do so. If you are a musician yourself, why not dedicate the month of September to learning some classical pieces outside of your comfort zone? Perhaps you are not yet a musician but strive to be, well now is your chance to pick up your desired instrument, whether it be woodwind, brass, or percussion, and learn to play! Alternatively, you can dedicate some time to enjoying some of the best classical pieces ever composed and reap the benefits we have already mentioned while doing so.

Check out some of the other positive effects that classical music can have on the human body in the infographic here.

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