how to find an attorney by specialty
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You see them on billboards, TV, and social media ads but never think you’d ever need one, but you could. While not all legal matters require a lawyer, some legal situations call for getting an attorney. 

However, the legal field is pretty broad, so different situations require a different type of lawyer. This guide highlights common real-life situations that may require you to hire a lawyer and the best lawyer for the situations.

1. After a Car Accident

Auto accidents can be life-changing events. Besides the physical injuries and property damage, you suffer in an accident. An accident can mean losing your ability to earn a living and having to deal with huge medical bills. 

If you suffer damages in an accident caused by another person, you may have a right to recover compensation for damages. If your injuries are severe, having a car accident lawyer can increase your chances of getting a fair outcome in your case by a significant margin.

However, the outcomes of your case will also depend on the quality of your legal counsel. If you are unsure about what to look for in a lawyer, this checklist for lawyer selection can help you identify the best lawyers for car accidents.

2. Purchasing Property

Purchasing property like a home, a building, or land is a big deal. While you could depend on the advice of a real estate agent, they may not always have your best interests at heart. 

So, you will need to have a person knowledgeable in matters of property looking into your interests before committing yourself. Property or real estate lawyer is the best person to go to in such circumstances.

Property lawyers specialize in investments such as home buying and know what matters in a contract. Having them go through your purchasing agreement or transaction documents ensures everything is in order and can advise you on when to pull out of a deal to avoid getting into situations that could be problematic. 

3. Divorce

While nobody thinks they could ever fall out of love with the person they choose to marry, it happens quite often, and almost half of all marriages end up in divorce. 

If you are at a point in your marriage life where you feel like divorce is the option, you may want to consider hiring a Chicago divorce lawyer. Even in the most amicable divorces, having a lawyer is a good idea to ensure that you do not make mistakes that could haunt you later. 

Getting a lawyer becomes increasingly important in highly contested divorces involving asset sharing or child custody issues.

4. Criminal Charges

An important note to remember is that there are different types of criminal defense lawyers. You get a Federal defense lawyer who specializes in handling cases involving violations of federal laws. And then you get a state defense lawyer who specializes in handling cases related to violations of state laws. 

Therefore, make sure you know what type of lawyer you need so that you can find one with relative ease. You can start your search by going through online directories or asking for referrals from family and friends.

A criminal record can be a blemish that can have a long-lasting impact on your life, which you may want to avoid. The American constitution guarantees the right to legal representation for all persons facing criminal charges. 

Even when you can’t afford one, the court can arrange to have a public defender help you with your case. Most people avoid getting a lawyer, thinking it will help them look honest and thus avoid conviction. 

But not getting a lawyer can be the worst mistake of your life because you could make mistakes that could see you get a conviction even when you are innocent. If you are facing a criminal charge, avoid talking to the police unless you have a criminal defense lawyer on your side.

How to Choose a Lawyer

The choice of a lawyer is determined first by the case at hand. Most lawyers choose a branch of law and specialize in it. So look at a lawyer’s specialization and only choose the one best suited for your case. 

You will also need to work with a lawyer you can reach at all times, meaning a local lawyer would be a good fit. Other factors can include years of experience, success rates, and reviews from past clients.

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