Whenever someone’s best friend informs them that they are having a baby, the friend is ecstatic, as if it were their own. Throwing a baby shower for a friend is a joyous celebration for what’s to come, but it may lead to some unforeseen complications. Keep in mind the most common blunders people make when planning a baby shower to evade those traps.

Registering at the Last Minute

The baby shower’s primary purpose is to surround the parent-to-be with family and friends and celebrate the upcoming addition to the world. However, another motivating factor for getting together is making the family’s life easier by showering them with gifts. And it’s difficult to zero in on what they need if there’s a delay with the registry.

Parents should decide on the presents early so that the party planner can include the complete registry on the invitations, giving the partygoers ample time to get the best gifts.

Choosing the Wrong Theme

Some expectant parents may not want their pregnancy to be the central theme. They might want a simple laid-back afternoon of sipping virgin daiquiris with pals and exchanging presents.

On the other hand, some expectant parents do prefer a baby-themed shower. They plead for a three-tiered cake and eagerly anticipate the traditional shower games. The moral of the story is to plan one of the most memorable shower themes that suit them. Put your personal beliefs aside and focus on their hopes and wishes.

Inviting the World

As wonderful as it would be to invite every member of the social circle to the shower, it’s not feasible to accommodate an exorbitant number of folks in a smaller setting. It’s wise to invite a small number of people and work your way from there.

The college friend they haven’t seen in a decade probably doesn’t require a courtesy invite. Keep the guest list on the thin side and full of people who they want to spend an afternoon with. The best way to keep things under control is to have a seating chart to know precisely how many people can sit comfortably at the party.

Food Failures

The mood of a baby shower should be joyful and carefree. This is why brunch is the most common time for them. The necessary fare should be airy and light. More importantly, account for everyone’s tastes. Even if you prepared some tasty and nutritious snacks, the guests might not want them. Also, consider what the expectant parent can eat. You want everyone to be able to enjoy the meal.

Avoiding these common blunders people make when planning a baby shower ensures that everyone will have a good time. Always remember, the focal point of the shindig is always the parent-to-be. As much as you’d like to make everyone happy and tailor a party based on your visions, their feelings trump all!

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