Which Marketing Career Is Right for You

A marketing career may be just right for you if you: want to help grow a business and make a difference; enjoy working with people, but also want to spend more time on your ideas; like the idea of being part of an organization that values collaboration and creativity; have an interest in creating lasting social change; are happy to tackle complex challenges and challenging problems.

Role of a marketer

A marketer is part of the marketing team and works with customers, including consumers, business-to-business (B2B) clients, and suppliers. A good understanding of market research enables a successful professional to understand their target audience’s needs or wants better than competitors and use this knowledge to develop products that fill these unmet needs.

A strong background in economics would also be very useful. It will help you identify consumer trends before they become mainstream and focus on developing products that meet these needs.

A marketing career can be quite varied depending on where you are in the world, the type of product or service you work with, your employer’s size, and many other factors, including industry sector, business unit, etc. A marketing career is also a very varied one, so it’s important to consider what you’re looking for in your future work and the skillset that will be required of you.

9 Common Marketing Jobs

Social media manager

Social media marketing is an important job in the modern marketing world. The major task of a social media manager is to use social media platforms to create and share content related to the company or brand. The average salary for a social media manager is around $70,000.

Social media managers are typically responsible for engaging with people on their channels and the company’s channels, posting relevant images, videos, and quotes on their respective profiles, moderating conversations and posting content. The job of social media manager is not easy, but it can be rewarding and a lot of fun as you get to interact with people all around the world.

Social media marketing professionals use social media, blogging, and other online platforms to promote their companies. The manager also manages social media marketing campaigns and keeps an eye on social media trends.

Public relations manager

Public relations managers are responsible for the communication between an organization and its stakeholders. They write press releases, make media appearances, and create brand awareness on behalf of their clients. The average salary for public relations manager at the lowest level is $56,000. New York (99,650), Virginia (98,233), New Jersey (99.,650), and Washington (99.650) are the highest paying states for public relations managers.

Public relations managers often work in companies that sell products or services to other corporations or individuals. A public relations manager is someone whose job is to communicate with people to build brands and attract customers. The social media marketing job can be seen as similar to the public relations manager’s job.

As public relations specialist, you will be responsible for the public image of a company or product. This includes managing the brand and shaping the public’s perception of an organization and its services.

Public relations specialists write press releases, work with various media channels to maintain positive perceptions about their organizations in addition to helping brands develop identities that are relevant today and those ahead into tomorrow for both internal and external communication strategies.

SEO specialist

The SEO specialist is responsible for driving business and search engine optimization strategies. The role of the SEO specialist includes an understanding of keywords, how to use them effectively in regards to a site’s content (meta tags) and website architecture as well as analyzing competitors’ websites for data that can be used on one’s own.

They also create web pages based on keyword research which are then optimized for better user experience by using meta tag information such as the title for the URL and keywords. In the United States, the average salary for an SEO Specialist is $54,205 per year.

Content marketing manager

Content marketing manager

Many companies are now finding that a different kind of marketing is needed to keep up with the changing times. Marketing today needs to be personal, story-driven, and personalized. The best way to reach an audience is through content marketing.

As a content marketer, you will have the opportunity to create engaging stories for your target audience that resonate emotionally rather than trying to sell them something. A content marketing manager is a person who works with the management of content on a website, blog, or social media channel.

The main job is to create and produce engaging stories for their target audience by writing both informative and entertaining copy to maintain customer loyalty. In the United States, the national average salary for a Content Marketing Manager is $103,131.

The content marketing manager will also be responsible for measuring how effective the content they have produced by tracking traffic levels and results from various analytics tools such as Google Analytics etc. You will need excellent written English skills and be able to work under pressure.

Global marketing manager

A global marketing manager oversees the day-to-day activities of a company’s brand, product, and service offerings across all markets. Global marketers are responsible for managing the strategic growth of their companies by identifying opportunities in new countries or industries and developing plans to execute them.

In addition, they must be able to manage relations with suppliers as well as competitors within those markets; coordinate efforts with other marketing departments at the home base so that campaigns can be coordinated; forecast and monitor market trends, consumer behavior, competitor activity, and economic factors; develop marketing strategies for key brand initiatives that will help bring about long-term growth.

A global marketing manager is also responsible for creating, coordinating, and implementing all marketing plans. Global marketers will be in charge of developing a global strategy that encompasses all aspects: reaching new markets, using existing channels (like distribution networks), and what customer insights should drive consumer messaging.

The position also includes responsibility for planning, building, and managing relationships with suppliers as well as competitors in different countries or industries within their market sector. The average salary for a Global Marketing Manager is $97937 per year.

Market analyst

Marketing analysts are typically in charge of a company’s market research and marketing strategy. Marketing analysts work closely with sales and product management to help set goals and budgets, create a plan and execute it. They also analyze information to provide reports on the market, customer needs, competitors’ activities, etc.

Market analysts can also be called upon to help with various projects such as product launches or changes within the company as they have a good understanding of the marketing channels used. In the United States, the average salary for a Marketing Analyst is $59941 per year.

Market research analysts are responsible for conducting market analysis and statistical data collection. They use various techniques to collect information on consumers, competitors, product usage trends, geographic markets, and others to understand their potential buying behavior.

Brand manager

Which Marketing Career Is Right for You: Brand manager

A brand manager is a marketing professional who helps drive the message of a company’s brand, product, or service. They are responsible for constructing and maintaining their brand’s image to reflect its original vision while also promoting it through distribution channels such as advertising, public relations, and social media.

The duties associated with this job include:

  • Budget management, strategy development, understanding target audiences, and customer behavior.
  • Aligning resources to ensure that time-sensitive opportunities are met with efficiency.
  • Maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, such as the media, PR, and retail channels.

A brand strategist is responsible for the development of unique brand strategies. They must plan a content strategy, define communication strategies and brand awareness goals, and create email communications to meet those objectives. The average salary for a Brand Manager in the United States is $101,282.

As marketing directors grow more complex, their responsibilities like SEOs that oversee social media advertising campaigns have taken over that role in many brands’ marketing departments. The brand strategist serves as the link between these internal and external functions, ensuring that all marketing communications are in line with branded guidelines.

Marketing director

A marketing director is a position that can be held by anyone who has experience in leadership roles, such as being the president of an organization or division. They’re responsible for setting and executing the overall vision for their departments’ goals. The average salary for a Marketing Director is $91,755 per year.

With the marketing director’s job description, you can earn good remuneration. The marketing director has to attend many events and conferences regarding marketing campaigns. He may occasionally deal with information technology, so it is your responsibility to create an environment-friendly working space for both of these resources that will not be disruptive while they are in action.

The marketing director may also have daily responsibilities, such as making decisions on what to promote in order to meet sales goals while balancing those promotions with community relations and good taste.

Marketing directors are especially important at larger companies where multiple departments are involved. There is a high chance that there will be more pressure to meet goals set by the marketing director and their departments.

Product marketing manager

A product marketing manager is a role that can be held by someone who has experience in the field of consumer products. They are responsible for setting goals and executing plans to help develop a company’s overall brand strategy. Product managers often work closely with customers and their sales teams and chief financial officers or other executives within the organization.

Product marketing managers may also have daily responsibilities such as making decisions on what promotions to run based on research from focus groups or customer surveys or what to include in a product’s marketing campaign. In the United States, the national average salary for a Product Marketing Manager is $120,239 per year.

They are also responsible for planning new market entry strategies and developing partnerships with other companies around the world, and keeping track of developments within their industry surrounding competitors’ products.

Product marketing managers often have direct accountability over sales goals set by senior executives, so they must ensure that those goals are being met while maintaining quality control on all promotional campaigns.


 Marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing field. As it evolves, many different types of careers can be pursued. If you’re curious about the future of marketing, our blog post will give you an overview of 9 common jobs in 2023.

With the help of our blog post, you can be prepared for a career in marketing. There are many different types of jobs available to people who want to work in marketing. You can choose any job that suits your personality and skillset, whether it’s a job as a social media manager or brand manager.



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