Uplifting the Image of Nurses
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Nurses always work long hours and may find it hard to always look their best on a daily basis. As a student nurse, the expectation is to always be at work on time and handle patients with care. But taking care of patients starts with taking care of yourself first. That means maki9ng sure your image stands out. It not only makes your work easier (improves self-confidence), it also increases the trust your patients have in you. So how can nursing students improve their image? Here are some tips.

1. Have a good first impression

Most patients want to feel reassured when they arrive. Their first impression of you helps to give them that reassurance. That’s where your image comes in. You want to make sure you look clean, smell fresh, and have a confident smile. This starts by observing good hygiene. Take care of your nails, keep your hair neat and in place, and remember your oral hygiene and dental care.

Your clothing also needs to show that you care about your profession and patients. Nurses these days don’t have to wear the white uniforms. They have transitioned into scrubs. Scrubs are often functional and practical. However, if you don’t find a good fit or take care of them properly, they can ruin your professional look. That’s why you have to choose one that fits okay – not too big or too small. Wear a nice t-shirt underneath your scrubs to stay modest. If your scrubs wear out or get stained, replace them.

2. Communicate Professionally

You can increase your professional credibility by making sure your communication skills are top notch. Start by making sure that your body language, demeanor, and your style of communication are impeccable. If you get these right, you will inspire not just your patients but colleagues as well. You can stand out as an authority figure. Communication skills can be enhanced by;

  • Being at the right place at the right time – always arrive early.
  • Make sure patients and new staff know who you are
  • Treat everyone with respect and listen to them
  • Don’t condone incivility and unacceptable behavior
  • Don’t involve your personal relationships at work

3. Study to improve your skills

This one goes without saying, especially for student nurses who are still in training. Nothing will improve your chances of being a top professional more than study will. However, with so much to do as a nurse, there can be very little time left to study. That’s when you need study help from professionals who can help. When I was a nursing student, I would simply search for “write my nursing paper by Studyclerk” and get top-quality work. I trusted my most important papers to professionals who helped me sail through college. I could rest and wake up the next day with renewed vigor with all that off my back.

4. Work on your self confidence

Improving how you feel about yourself can boost your image and increase your productivity. This sets you up for more opportunities in your career. Remember that people, and society as a whole, will always judge you on your appearance. As a nurse, expect even more scrutiny. Go out looking your best and represent your nursing profession in the best way possible. Remember, you have already acquired your dream job as a nurse, and you have to get even better at it. Self-confidence can increase the chances of being considered for a promotion or a more significant opportunity as a nurse.

5. People believe what they see

Remember, you will not be respected by others (especially your patients) just because you are a nurse. The better you present yourself, the more confidence and belief you inspire in yourself and others. That’s why you need to take a bit more time working on your impression on others. Nobody wants to be served by a clumsy nurse, and above all, nobody wants to work with one either. If you fail at a good impression, chances are you will fail in your career as well.


Nothing says you are a good nurse than how you look and present yourself. As much as it may probably be the most demanding job available, make sure you take time to look your best. Nurses are allowed to be fashionable. Get yourself a nice outfit and always look clean. Even though it may seem like a chore, especially when you are working long hours, it will pay off in the end. The self-confidence will make you better at what you do and increase your opportunities in your career.

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