Things That Annoy Journalists and Bloggers

The profession of writing for magazines, newspapers, and news websites, journalism deals with current and past events that are happening in the world right now. If you want to pursue a career in this noble occupation, then you can acquire a significant degree on the subject. Many journalists earn a decent to high range of salaries that start from $72k and may even go up as high as $146k annually. However, with the advent of information technology, many bloggers are following their pathway to success. The vast majority of bloggers do not qualify as journalists. Many have made a resounding impact during this age of the World Wide Web.

When you look at bloggers and journalists, we find a lot of similarities that drive them both to pursue authentic information and let the word out for the masses. However, both of them encounter astounding odds to this day. According to a report by, fifty journalists were killed in 2017, around 54 were kidnapped, and 202 were arrested. We are living in a world where 45 countries have freedom of the press, while approximately 37% of the world countries have no freedom of the media. Apart from this, many journalists and bloggers also face quite a deal of annoyance from various other sources. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways they are being challenged and quite frankly irritated.

Things that Annoying Them the Most

· A Subject That Concerns No One

It is quite often that when you choose to become a professional blogger or a journalist, many sources will try to get connected with you so that they can push their stories forward through your channel. However, what annoys them is that frequently those stories are forwarded that do not have the audiences’ interest in mind, nor do they relate to anyone in specific. The New States compiled a list of six utterly pointless stories, including the one where flattening a cricket pitch was considered a health hazard. It just goes to show how desperate newspapers can be to sell themselves.

· Exaggeration & False Facts

There is something known as spicing up things, and many news reporters pretty much see the act of selling a story to the masses. All they do is exaggerate the information given to them out of proportions.

Exaggeration & False Facts

In the end, it misses all the impact that it originally carried, and the ones who suffer the most from it are viewers who continue to lose trust in the news agency. On the other hand, to sell a story, many sources can also claim false facts or facts that are not wholly true, bits and pieces are misplaced to make them sound more amazing and create hype. Journalists and bloggers hate this because they want to stick true to their professionalism. Such stories, when thrown out into the masses, significantly reduce their credibility and can even damage their reputation.

· Just Plain Old Lies

We all have heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf. It teaches a moral lesson for all us whether we are managing things in our personal or private life. Dishonesty gets you nowhere. Maybe in the short run, the returns to falsehood may seem glittery and sparkling, ultimately it always causes demise.

Just Plain Old Lies

Unfortunately, many who have read this tale still opt for selling lies, and this would make any honorable journalist or blogger out there to feel infuriated. These professionals like blufashion work day and night to build up their public rapport, and many have to deal with the community after publishing something in writing. Asking them to write lies is the worst anyone could do to them.

· Poor Time Management

As mentioned before, a typical day for any journalist or blogger is filled with meetings, appointments, and work to be published. They are bright and thinking individuals who do not have a minute to spare as they know that a deadline is approaching with every passing moment. However, what bothers them is that people take their time for granted. Making them wait for hours for an interview feels unjustified even if the scope is more prominent than life. Then some disrespect them by asking to sit and have tea while they manage their affairs. Journalists and bloggers are always ticking, and it seems quite unfair to them to keep them confined to a place where they could have achieved something far higher in the meantime. If you are facing time management issues yourself, then you can request a specialist to write my assignment and get the job done.

· Irrelevant Pitches

Every journalist or blogger who is out there doing an excellent job has specific areas of expertise where their skills are nigh incomparable. Expanding my research over the internet I find best essay writing service UK with quality blogs.

It’s like getting a specialization, where their word holds more worth and meaning. That is also how they build their credibility in the audience as well. Imagine a sports journalist being given an insight into how the household chemical can be damaging for kids. The skills and expertise and the story itself are worlds apart. If there is a sponsorship concern, then even that might be understandable. However, contacting bloggers and journalists who are known for a particular area of expertise and providing irrelevant pitches is a waste of their precious time.

· Spamming Their Emails with Advertisements

Spamming Their Emails with Advertisements

Finally, they are those who just outright stubborn to get their story published. They stick to journalists and bloggers like an adhesive that wouldn’t simply let go. An awful thing they can do is spam their emails with advertisements to sell their stories. This can make anyone feel uncomfortable as no one likes to have their emails invaded by unwanted mail that least concerns them. Imagine deleting hundreds of emails about various products jamming our feed when you sign in to your email account. The notion itself makes our teeth clench with anger!


We feel deeply compassionate towards journalists and bloggers who go out of the way to uncover the truth for the masses. Many have lost their lives pursuing freedom of speech and foretell the masses of the actual reality and truth that awaits them. We salute all our brothers and sisters who work tirelessly to produce valuable content that can potentially revolutionize the planet and how people think. Sadly the majority of their hard work goes unrewarded. We wish them all the success for their endeavors and efforts for sticking true to their honest self. Banzai Freedom of Press!

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