We are living in a time where the business arena is finally undergoing some very welcome and long overdue changes. According to relevant reports, the number of female entrepreneurs is on constant rise. If we take a look at the United States we will see that 49% of new businesses are run by women which is the sharp improvement compared to 2021 when that number sat at merely 28%.

On the other hand, it is hard to deny that the world of business is still plagued by misconceptions, stereotypes, and bigotry. Also, male entrepreneurs still outnumber women 3 to 1.

So, even though we are making improvements, the odds are still stacked against female business owners. To succeed in such circumstances you need to be very assertive, strong-willed and creative. But what if your introverted personality doesn’t allow these qualities to shine through?

Well, there are ways to work around that problem as well. So, let us take a look at a couple of simple tips that should put female introverts on more equal terms and allow them to run their enterprises without unnecessary setbacks.

Don’t try changing yourself

Personal development is always a good thing. But, don’t look at your introverted nature as something you need to change. Introvert persons have a very rich life, they tend to act very deliberately, they are cautions, and they know the value of team work and contributions from others. These are all tremendous business assets if you know how to implement them correctly. So, don’t shoot your most valuable resources in the knee. Instead learn to use them and fill in the blanks with delegation. Keep yourself focused on the areas where you excel like analytics, planning, writing and similar duties.

Find partners that compliment your skillsets

Find partners that compliment your skillsets
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So, in the previous section we have mentioned that the tasks that are not within your personal skill set should be delegated. But, in order to do that, you need to surround yourself with people who will compliment your unique traits. Pay special attention to the choice of your partner who will, due to their position, need to carry the heaviest load. As for the rest of the employees and managers be sure the teams are filled with diverse personalities and people who excel in different business tasks. Think making a list of skills and traits you want to foster in your ranks and then recruit accordingly.

Use resources that match your strengths

Keeping in mind you don’t really put on your best performance in the public and social environment, you will make your life a lot easier if you chose the business resources that suit your tastes. Let’s take learning for example. If you need to quickly master some topic, don’t take public group classes that will put additional pressure on you. Instead, opt for student-made University of Sydney resources that will lend you with the same level of efficiency but you will be able to go through the topic in a more relaxing surrounding. The same goes for meetings, management, and collaborations.

Set up an environment where you will thrive

Set up an environment where you will thrive
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In other words, you should try to create some sort of work space where you will be able to complete as many of your tasks independently as possible. Don’t try to cut yourself off from the proceedings in your company since you will create an unhealthy atmosphere and lose touch with subordinates.  But, working from an area that will be separated from the office noise and investing in good sound insulation, can’t hurt you either. Mild lighting, calm decorative ambiance, calm music, low levels of clutter, and a lot of healthy, nourishing indoor plants will play to the strengths of your personality as well.

Plan everything well in advance

The aggravation you are experiencing when engaging in social interactions can be made much more bearable if you plan and schedule everything you need to deal with some time in advance. Especially if we are talking about some stressful situations like meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. Routines that are clearly established, repeatable, and streamlined will get you even through times of greatest pressure and biggest workload. Also, thinking of your future tasks as simple procedures rather than personal challenges, you will also lower your emotional attachment and save yourself from needless stress.

Build yourself an appropriate personal brand

Build yourself an appropriate personal brand
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In the world of business, proper branding is priceless. The same rules apply to your personal brand that will make launching pad for all of your future networking forays and lend you a tremendous amount of industry credibility. Well, do your best then to fine-tune your brand-building efforts to your strengths. So, instead of leveraging personal contacts and social circumstances, try to build your industry profile through professionalism and expertise. Starting a blog, sharing valuable insights on social media and turning your website into source of knowledge can prove to be of great help.

Find some time to recharge and refuel

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you are incapable of maintaining healthy social interactions. It means you often find social occasions taxing. And running a company means you will need to face quite a lot of such occasions on a daily basis. So, for the very end, carve yourself some necessary time to refuel and recharge in between tiresome meetings and social occasions. These short breaks can be filled with short jogging sessions, some time for meditation, Pilates, HIIT workouts, or whatever you find nourishing. The most important thing is to give your mental wellbeing the highest possible priority.

Well, we hope these couple of things will give you a better idea about all the different methods you can use to make your tenure at the head of your company easier and more enjoyable. Being a woman in a corporate arena dominated by men is already stressful. Having your personality lean more in the introverted direction will make this situation even worse, at least if you don’t know how to use your personal traits as your biggest assets and work smarter, not harder. The tips we gave you above will definitely push you in the right direction.

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