If the title of this article caught your eye and made you want to read on, I suspect that writing may be more than just a topic of interest to you. Perhaps you already have the first drafts of your pen. Or maybe what you create while studying has made you realize that you want to write more than just texts on the topics assigned in the curriculum. Perhaps you are no longer a student and work in a field far from writing, but deep down you feel the urge to write and create quality texts. Whoever you are, I hope what you read below will help you understand the theme even better and take the first steps toward professional essay writing.


If you want to succeed in a certain field, you must be able to organize yourself properly. Writing a good text is no exception. At first, it may seem that writing an essay is all about creativity and that you need to wait for inspiration. But this is not the right tactic. After all, putting everything off until the last moment in most cases leads to a low-quality end result. Organization can even relate to the place where you will write. Prepare it, too, so that you don’t get distracted by unnecessary or inconvenient things later.

Understanding What You Want to Write

Research the theme you are going to write about. For a while, you should become a kind of expert in a particular field. After all, the high-quality text is not just about the absence of writing typos. First and foremost, it is meaningful, content-filled material that fully reveals the topic to the reader and answers the questions for which the particular text is created. If you are a college student and you are worried that this task is beyond your capabilities, so Edubirdie can write your essay online and get acquainted with the best samples of works from top writers. At the same time, you can use online help and quickly get advice on how to write a professional essay.

Writing an Outline

Be sure to create an outline for your future text. First, it will help you keep it organized and structured. The outline will be the backbone on which you will string your thoughts, opinions, and conclusions. And it is the outline that will allow you to do the above in a consistent and coherent manner, avoiding unnecessary repeats and confusion.

Understanding Your Audience

You can create a text both for the general public and for a specific group of readers. This group can be united not only by common interests but also by professional traits. With this in view, you should create your material taking this feature into account. That is, you should dive into the theme, using the professional jargon of a particular field and revealing those issues that will be of interest to this particular audience.

Start a Career as a Writer with Essay Writing: Understanding Your Audience
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Proofreading Yourself

No matter how hard you try to check every sentence after you’ve created it, you still need to proofread your text when it’s completely written. And you should do it more than once.  When you read through the final version again, you can always find something that didn’t catch your eye before. And it’s not just about grammatical or lexical errors. Be not just critical of yourself, but very critical, and hone every word and phrase. The result will be worth it.

But that is not all …

Work and Work Again on Yourself

Write, write, and keep writing. Hone your skills. And then each new text you write will be better than the previous one.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Perhaps where you work now, you need to create a post about an event or an article about a certain product or service of the company. And even if it’s on a volunteer basis, i.e. unpaid, you will gain experience. Perhaps this way your true vocation in a particular company or corporation will be noticed. Even if it is a one-time thing, you can use this experience in your portfolio in the future.

Think About Your Website

If you want to make writing your main occupation, you need to be known and easy to find. Of course, if you’re just starting out, creating a website shouldn’t be your first priority. But over time, we advise you to think about it. A professionally designed website for your activity can become your business card and at the same time a portfolio of your best works for future publishers or agents.

Hang Out in the Writers’ Community

If we want to be perfect at something, we learn it all the time. We also realize that we are not the only ones in this field of study. There will always be someone who knows more and has more experience. And it’s cool if you have the opportunity to adopt this experience, or at least to learn the best from it and get professional advice.

So, fill yourself with knowledge and take patience and consistency into account. Don’t forget to be organized and have a clear outline. Thoroughly research not only the topic you’re writing about but also your audience. Don’t stop practicing and improving. Make useful contacts and look for like-minded people. And I wish you a good wind and a light pen in this often not easy, but the such fascinating field as writing.

Written by Angela Boggs

An essay writer and researcher on the creation of quality texts. Content writer and writing blogger. She is passionate about the study of the power of words and how they can be used to create convincing arguments.

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