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Why entrepreneurship is the best career choice for introverts?

…Remember that time you were stuck at a party with people you didn’t know, and the only thing you wanted to do was go home? Or, how about when your aunt asked if she could drag you along to “meet some of my friends who have kids around your age”–and it turned out to be a birthday party for one of her first-grade classmates?! As an introvert, these are all too familiar scenarios. The good news is that there’s finally an alternative option that works well for us–one that can not only offset any pesky anxiety but also provide us with our much-needed alone time: entrepreneurship. Maybe you’re thinking, Entrepreneurship!? Not likely!

Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to start something on your own but didn’t have the courage. Well, consider this roundup of reasons why entrepreneurship is actually a great choice for introverts to pursue–and what they should keep in mind when doing so.

As introverts know well, being alone can get infinitely lonely if it’s not by choice. That’s where entrepreneurship comes in: It gives us the opportunity to be alone on our own terms. We can set our own hours, take on projects that interest us and work from wherever we want–all while still being our own boss. This level of independence is a key for introverts, who often need time to themselves in order to recharge.

In addition to granting us much-needed alone time, entrepreneurship also allows us to connect with people in a way that feels natural and comfortable for us. Rather than having to small talk at a party or go on group outings, we can reach out to clients, customers, and other business contacts through email, social media, or even in person. And since introverts usually hate to waste time, we can use our communication and organizational skills in this setting without feeling like we’re doing something we dread.

In entrepreneurship, we don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone; we tend to prefer focusing on tasks that interest us rather than wasting energy trying to make others happy–and entrepreneurship is the perfect place for such self-interest. It’s true: Entrepreneurship isn’t always rainbows and butterflies–I mean, there are plenty of challenges involved, after all. But it does allow us introverts, who value precision and accuracy over getting things done at any cost, to focus on reaching our goals in a way that feels most authentic and comfortable for us.

Why entrepreneurship is the best career choice at present?

Startups and entrepreneurship is a great field to choose from right now. This industry is growing at an amazing pace and people want to explore their options in this space.

There are a lot of reasons why you should opt for startups and entrepreneurship as your career choice:

is entrepreneurship a good career

1. Opportunity:

The startup culture has given rise to many job opportunities at the top companies in India, such as Uber, Dropbox, etc. Startups offer huge opportunities for bright minds to join them. By joining a startup, one can easily increase his/her skill set by learning different aspects of entrepreneurship such as marketing strategies, customer development, etc. which will help you to grow fast within the organization and also help in making your resume attractive for the future positions. You get to learn faster in a startup and you are able to contribute more as the work is not divided into silos.

2. Career growth:

In today’s world, job security is not what it used to be earlier. The best way to ensure good career growth is by being an entrepreneur. By starting your own company, you are in control of your own career path and future. You get to decide how fast or slow you want to grow and what type of business you want to be in. There are no ceilings for your growth as an entrepreneur and the sky is the limit.

3. Variety:

Entrepreneurship offers a lot of variety when it comes to working. You can do anything from product development to marketing, to sales, and even HR. You are not constrained to a certain job role and you can explore different fields in the startup space. This gives you a lot of room for growth and also helps you in acquiring new skill sets.

4. Passion:

If you are passionate about your work, entrepreneurship is the best career choice for you. As an entrepreneur, you need to be passionate about your business and work hard to make it successful. There will be times when things will not go as planned and you will have to face a lot of challenges, but if you are passionate about your work, nothing can stop you from achieving success.

5. Ownership:

As an entrepreneur, you own your company and everything that goes around it. It’s a great feeling to be in control of your future and what you want to achieve from your work.

The startup space is growing at a tremendous pace and there is a lot of scope for growth in this industry. Try exploring the entrepreneurial space and make a mark by starting up something on your own! Happy entrepreneurship!


Above all else, entrepreneurship gives us the chance to do what we’re good at and enjoy, while allowing us to use our introversion in a way that fits into our lives. We may prefer being alone, but being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to mean being completely isolated from people–it just means choosing how and when we engage with them by ourselves.

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