The outfit you choose to wear for a job interview will depend on the company and the job you’re applying for. The choice will be very different if you’re applying to a casual startup or a large law firm. It will be different if your role is a client-facing one or not. The very first judgment the interviewer will make about you is based on your appearance, so it’s worth finding out more about how to choose the best outfit for your interview.

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Find out about the company dress code

The more you know about the company or industry you’re interviewing with, the better. It will help to look at the company’s website or social media pages to see what employees wear. You can gather ideas that will help you to settle on a formal, semi-formal, or casual look. Wearing a suit isn’t often a requirement, but in most cases, it’s better to err on the formal side. 

Formal wear for men is a suit jacket and pants, a dress shirt, tie, and formal shoes. Women can wear formal dresses or blouses with dress pants or a skirt and closed shoes. This doesn’t mean wearing an outdated outfit, like the suit you wore to a wedding more than five years ago. It’s always important to look fresh and stylish. 

Look the part

A business casual outfit is suitable for a more informal environment. These outfits are less formal than a suit but don’t fall into the T-shirt and shorts or sundress and sandals category. Men can wear khakis and a polo shirt or button-down. Women can wear less formal dresses, skirts or pants, blouses, and open-toed shoes. 

If you have an interview at a casual startup, turning up in formal business attire will probably make you stick out like a sore thumb. Opt for a more relaxed style that still looks presentable, such as dark jeans and a shirt. If you’re interviewing for a creative job, your creative attire could help to give a positive impression. 

The details count

It’s more important to look neat and well-dressed than to wear an expensive suit or the latest fashions. Make sure your outfit is not wrinkled and check that you don’t have a button missing or a loose thread. It may sound obvious but you should turn off your phone. 

Interviewers often pick up on details that help them to form an impression of you. They will notice something like dirty glasses and hair that needs a cut. You should always present the neatest, most professional version of yourself. 

Pre-interview tips for students

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Pre-interview tips for students
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Less is more

Bold, bright colors and loud accessories can distract an interviewer. It’s best to stay with neutral colors and wear simple, understated jewelry. Avoid clothing that shows too much skin. 

Too much perfume or cologne can also distract an interviewer and even trigger allergies. This doesn’t mean you have to look plain or boring. For example, accessorizing with a good leather handbag or briefcase will make you look stylish and organized. 

The season makes a difference

When preparing for the interview, it’s important to take the season and the weather into account. Stuffy dress clothes may make you perspire on a hot summer’s day and clothes that are too thin will make you shiver in winter.

Dress the part but make sure you’re comfortable. A hiring manager will pick you up straight away if you’re uncomfortable and ill at ease. They may assume this is due to inexperience and nervousness rather than due to the weather. Most employers won’t expect you to wear a full suit and jacket on really hot summer days.


No matter what company you’re applying to or the position you want, it’s respectful to look neat, tidy, and well-dressed. Try to wear an outfit that is tried and true and shoes that you’ve broken in rather than new ones. Do some homework on the dress code but also make sure to be yourself and that your appearance complements your presentation rather than detracts from it in any way.

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