What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Professional Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is a professional, who often goes by different names like beautician or cosmetologist. His job profile involves beautifying of human body using varied cosmetic, beauty, and allied processes. He uses his artistic skills, knowledge, and expertise to alter the appearance, hide the flaws and enhance the looks. They collaborate with fashion designers, producers, directors, photographers to visualize the characters they want to bring alive on screen.

Roles and Responsibilities of Makeup Artist:

  • Comprehend the client’s need and accordingly determine the appropriate look
  • Analyze the scripts, concepts, and reference pictures of costumes to sketch the desired look and come up with hairstyling options that concur with customers, producers, and performers visualisation
  • Understand the requirements basis visual and technical points of view- understanding of lighting, the photographic process, colours, and the impact it may have on the makeup.
  • Ensure coherence and consistency to maintain the continuity in makeup and hairstyling
  • Financial Budgeting to maintain profitability after taking care of all the expenses –staff salaries, transportation, supplies, equipment & the tools, etc. along with wastage.
  • Restocking of materials as and when required.
  • Analyze the customer’s skin tone and complexions to identify any special requirements from him be it in terms of makeup or cosmetics or equipment
  • Following proper hygiene etiquettes while maintaining clean workstations, towels, tools, and equipment.
  • Make sure that the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized, prepared, and primed for the application of makeup
  •  Ensure application of makeup setter so that it lasts longer
  • He must make sure that makeup is done as well as taken off professionally
  • He must understand the skin types, facial features, and the effects of makeup processes on the skin. He must ensure appropriate action so as to minimize unpleasant side effects
  • He must be up to date with market & beauty trends, best practices, new techniques, latest cosmetics, tools & technology along with skincare regime.
  • He must be capable of handling pressure & multiple clients at the same time in addition to adhering to deadlines
  • Maintaining updated portfolios along with client records
  • Train apprentices and new Makeup Artists
  •  Practice new techniques

Makeup artist course

Given the popularity, lots of colleges are offering makeup artist course. However, you should select the apt course that ensures the following: 

  • Certification from college that is accredited at National as well as international level
  • Hands-on training, internships, interaction with experts to help student get good exposure
  • Interaction with dermatologist to gain understanding of skin types, effects of cosmetics and ways to reduce the after-effects of makeup besides knowledge about hair types. 
  • Supplementary courses in allied fields like hair styling, fitness regime, yoga, weight-loss programs, photography, digital marketing etc.
  • College must offer knowledge about cosmetics, modern and latest techniques.
  • Curriculum must offer knowledge about Makeup & hygiene etiquettes
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