Choosing Fashion Design as Your Career

A fashion designer is a creative professional who designs and creates clothes or fashion garments. However, they are not just about making clothes. It is very much an art form and creative expression that they seek through their work. Their designs are unique and are inspired by different aesthetics, cultures, and other factors. Creativity coupled with tremendous hard work makes a successful designer, a designer who becomes exclusive and celebrated. Designers may have very personalized and creative jobs, but they work with many other individuals — patternmaker, seamstress, costume designer, stylist, magazine editors, and many more.

Read this article to know what skills you will need to be a successful fashion designer and what you do to become one. Join a fashion design course from a relevant institute to learn the rights skills. Check out the fashion designing institute in Dehradun to understand this even better.

How to become a fashion designer?

1. Get inspired.

Inspiration: As a designer, you must look for inspiration in all things in which you find interest. It could be art, history, graphics, architecture, traveling, etc. It is very important to stay motivated and inspired in order to keep creating; use mood boards to organize and structure your thoughts. You may compile textures, accessories, fabrics, and more to keep your creative juices flowing.

2. Study fashion trends.

Although you do not necessarily have to earn a fashion degree in order to understand designing, it provides a strong foundation for the knowledge of art and the fashion industry as a whole. That knowledge lends a solid foundation and equips students to get started. Take pattern making or sewing classes if you do not know how to sketch and sew a dress. Alternatively, take a drawing class if your sketching or graphic designing knowledge is not at par. Opt for a class in fashion history if you want to seek knowledge and inspiration. Familiarize yourself with the latest trends in fashion by keeping up with fashion shows, magazines, etc.

3. Sewing and knowledge of fabrics

Having in-depth knowledge of a sewing machine may not be necessary, but it is a fundamental skill for any fashion designer, especially at the start of their career. Developing an intimate knowledge of this art form or craft is an invaluable skill in itself and can work wonders. The same applies to knowing about the properties of different fabrics and what makes them unique as it is going to help you pick the right materials for your garment.

4. Find your style.

Every process in creative designing tells a story, even the smallest of details. It is also not mandated for a designer to work only with one particular style but be an innovative and welcome change, as long as they are making thoughtful creative choices while designing. Create your collection– it does not have to be a unified one or feature a singular idea.

A career in fashion design allows you to be your best creative self. Enroll in a course today to get started on your designing journey.


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