Ever look at a friend who has both kids and a job and wonder how she does it? Whether you’re a career woman looking at having kids or a homemaker jumping back into the workforce, it can be helpful to see how other women are able to successfully weather the rigors of employment at the same time as parenthood. See some strategies below for how full-time moms cope with working.

How Do Full-Time Moms Cope With Working?

Let Yourself Unwind

Moms are often so busy taking care of themselves that they forget about the importance of their own care. After a long day of work and being a mom, you deserve some space for yourself to unwind and relax. There is a lot of power in dedicating time for yourself daily.

While it’s obvious that moms don’t always get the luxury of relaxing whenever they want, you can choose to intentionally prioritize a nightly routine. You can implement even a multi-step beauty routine for skincare and more that can still be done in only a few minutes before bed. You might be surprised how much self-care you can squeeze in after the kids are in bed and before they wake during the night. If you have the option, it can be great to let your partner know about your unwinding routine so that they can support you in this.

Get the Basics Covered

When you’re a full-time mom who also needs to cope with working, you have to get the basics covered. That means having a structured plan for meals and caring for your children and for yourself. What are the kids eating? Where are they sleeping? Are they getting regular naps? How will your work fit in? Considering these basic questions is a must when balancing your responsibilities. You can see where the possible gaps might be in your day and then find a way to rearrange the tasks so that you can do more or ask for help. Depending on your situation, you may need to utilize outside child care resources.

Let’s look at mealtime as the most relevant example. Getting the basics covered isn’t just about meal planning and grocery shopping, although that is an important component. You also have to make sure you have the equipment you need. For those of you still nursing little ones, choosing the right baby formula can make all the difference. If you’re past that stage, you’ll want to invest in a quality high chair. With the right tools, meals can be opportunities for you to connect with your children rather than stressful times that you end up dreading.

Dressing the Part

Our clothes affect how we feel, so full-time moms should consider how they want to feel and then dress accordingly. Getting comfortable but chic shoes that quickly become your go-to staple can make a big difference in your daily routine. Giving your feet support will help you stay energized to keep up with your delicate work-life balance.

When it comes to fashion for moms, working adds a whole new dynamic to consider with your style. Our recommendation? It’s time to get rid of your high school sweatpants and upgrade to loungewear that isn’t embarrassing. That way, when you need to hop on a virtual work meeting or dash out to the grocery store, you won’t be held back by worries about your appearance.

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Remember to Hydrate

For the busy mom who’s also juggling work, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. Don’t let staying hydrated be one of them. Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Plus, you’ll be an example to your kids when you drink more water, causing your whole family to make hydration a priority.

In addition to undeniable health benefits, staying hydrated also has the positive physiological effect of calming the nerves. Taking the time to drink enough water helps full-time moms cope with working. Hydration can be a pivotal aid in your arsenal as you juggle all the many hats you have to wear.

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Don’t Forget to Play

Yes, being a mother is a huge responsibility, and yes, working is serious. But the full-time moms who cope with working understand the value of regular play. Playing together can be a bonding activity to deepen familial ties and improve the moods of parents and children. Fun kids’ toys can literally bring the family together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with activities that align your interests with your children’s needs. You might be surprised at how much fun you can have! Maximizing your play time with your children will let you focus on your work with a light heart and a peaceful mind.

Love Your Family the Way It Is

Every family is different, as is every child and every mother. So, how one full-time mom copes with working may not be what works for your situation. That being said, we’re confident that following the suggestions above is a good start for preserving the important work-life balance for a mom with a job.

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