Essential Questions to ask Yourself When Choosing a Career
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Trying to find the perfect career for you is not an easy task. You struggle with many questions and “what ifs”. It’s okay to be confused. These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to help shape an idea of what you would like to do for a living.

Do you prefer to work individually or in a team?

Firstly, ask yourself whether you would prefer to work in a team or solo. This is an extremely important factor that can determine your work efficiency, productivity, and how much you will actually enjoy doing your work. While most people don’t simply fit into one of these two categories, they tend to lean towards one more than the other. Knowing which one you lean towards can help you pick a career.

Do you like working in an office or working remotely?

Secondly, you should know what kind of work environment suits you and this is tied to the previous question to a certain extent.

Ask yourself whether you would prefer to work from home or in an office. Maybe if you lean more towards working in teams, you would prefer an office. On the other hand, if you love individual work, then a remote job position may be more suited to you. It all depends.

A lot of companies offer remote options as well as combined options. The latter one may be great for you if you love to mix things up and work both in teams and solo.

Do you feel confident working with modern technology?

This question can help you determine both the career that you want as well as if you want to work remotely.

Firstly, look into career types. If you feel like you can work in job positions that require skills working with modern technology, you can look into that category more. Job positions that don’t necessarily involve using modern technology but offer remote positions will at least require you to use a laptop or a computer on a daily basis. So, take that into account as well.

 Are you willing to relocate for your career?

Speaking of in-office and remote job positions, what do you think about potential relocations? Ask yourself whether you would be okay with moving somewhere else for a job. Then, if you would be okay with moving to a different city or even a different country, make sure you do your research about the area you would move to and see if that would work for you.

What kinds of companies are there that you can apply for? What job positions are available? What the recruitment processes are like in that country? For example, you decide to move to Australia for a new job. It would be a wise decision to research a specialised recruitment agency in Sydney and what kind of hiring processes and services they offer. This can help you better understand the recruitment process in a certain city or country.

Would you prefer a task that requires more analytical or creative skills?

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You should also think about what types of skills are required in different job positions. Do you possess more creative or analytical skills? Would you prefer to work with numbers, statistics, and analytical types of tasks? Or would you prefer to work in a job position that encourages your creative side? This will greatly help you determine your career path.

In which direction do your skills and qualifications lead you?

Also, think about what kind of direction you can take with your current qualifications and skills. While your education doesn’t necessarily have to determine your path, it might spark an idea for what you can do about your career. You can always expand on what you previously did for your education and try something new. Or you can even start something completely new as long as you work on your skills and qualifications.

How important is money to you?

Think about how important money is to you. If you want to reach a certain dream life that comes with great expenses, then look into job positions that allow space for workers to grow and move to better positions with better salaries. This way, you will know that you can always move up the ladder and work towards achieving your dream life.

What has your past taught you?

Always take what you’ve learned from the past with you. This also applies to the jobs you’ve had in the past. Whatever lessons your previous job positions have taught you may play a big role in how you choose the next step in your career path.

Is a work-life balance important to you?

When you picture yourself having an ideal life, how much of that life is occupied by work? Does your work take up a lot of space in your time? Do you spend more time at work or at home? Do you picture yourself having a family? Do you want to travel a lot? Think about how work-life balance is important to you and in what way. This can greatly impact your choice of career. It is completely okay if you don’t want to dedicate your whole life to work, but if you’re passionate about having a career over some other aspects of your life, that’s okay too. It is your choice, remember that.

What are your passions?

Lastly, think about your passions. What drives you? What motivates you? What makes you feel almost childishly excited when you think about it? What kind of a job would spark your imagination and your passions? Follow that path and you’ll find yourself happy doing what you love.


Overall, there are many aspects we should look into when choosing a career for ourselves. We can think about what kind of team player we are, whether we prefer working from home, whether we would move for a job, what our passions are, and so much more. At the end of the day, it’s important that we make a decision on our own and follow the career path we think is good for us.

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