Careers that make a difference

For some people, helping others is the biggest motivating factor in their life. They derive joy by contributing to others’ lives, making a difference in their existence. They dream of changing the world!

Are you one among them? Do you want to know how to achieve that goal?

We live in a global village today. There are many career options available to millennials at an overwhelming rate. If passion is your driving factor, you too can leave your mark in this world, making a difference to people by helping them. Choose career options that can help people.

Let’s get you started:

#1: Performing artist

Performing arts is now emerging as a smart career choice among the youth. People are following their hobbies of acting, dancing, singing, and various other activities as their happy source of income. For centuries, we are seeing various performing artists who are giving their best in the industry. Its acceptance into the mainstream over the past 30 years has led to new trends in its practice and understanding of the arts. Many institutions are coming up with degree courses and vocational courses in performing arts. APAC professional acting courses give you the skills required for success in the industry, with an opportunity to learn from international artists.

#2: Medicine

happiest jobs in medical field

When human civilization started, healers had a key role in this society. They helped injured and ill people. Over time, this role has evolved and now we have doctors and an entire industry of healthcare to support society. While there is an option to become a doctor, there are alternative healthcare careers to explore too, which include Ayurveda, therapy, homeopathy, counseling, mental healing, and much more.

To pursue a medical degree, one has to have the will and determination to complete the rigorous testing devised by their respective countries. Going into a medical career isn’t an easy path, but they are rewarding due to the fact that your actions can save lives and pay very well. Fortunately, however, if you believe that healthcare is your vocation, there are many routes you can follow to obtain the necessary qualifications and ensure you’re prepared for the job at large. For example, you could even participate in online courses. There are many resources created to inform you about the medical qualifications required for joining different healthcare career paths.

Not only can online courses prepare you for entry-level positions within the field, they can also improve your career trajectory by enabling you to obtain more advanced qualifications. For example, if you already have an associates degree in nursing, you could look into getting an online MSN FNP degree, meaning you can become a Family Nurse Practitioner. This will allow you to make even more of a difference in your day-to-day work, while also boosting your income. Even better, online courses are often more affordable, making a change in careers a little easier on your bank account. 

Either way, it’s important to remember that every minute of training is worthwhile. The more knowledgeable and prepared you are, the more equipped you will be to handle the challenges that come with working in healthcare.

#3: Social Work

Careers in Social Work

Becoming a social worker comes with a lot of responsible, patience, and reward. The premise of this type of work is to help those who may be struggling because of a mental health issue, family environment or natural disaster. They work to provide a social change in communities around the world.

Many people in today’s society live below their poverty line. For them, social workers offer a helping hand in tough conditions. Although it is a physically demanding job, the gratitude and smiles of the helpless people are priceless. Candidates can pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field of social work.

#4: Social Activists

Careers that make a difference: Social Activists
Careers that make a difference. (Photo: haley_elizaa).

In society, there are innumerable problems without any solutions. Change is needed at large, at all levels of society, for the betterment of people. Social activism is a highly motivated area that can bring about a sea change in this society and fight against the evils of modern society. Starting from the menace of interfering with human rights to fundamental rights and denying basic rights to people, activists can play a key role in improving society.

Becoming an activist does not require a formal degree. However, a law degree is beneficial for making lasting changes in society.

#5: Counseling

What jobs can Counsellors do?

Mental health plays a vital role in keeping up good physical health. Counselors have an extensive role in interacting with people in groups or individually, to listen to their problems, and solve them. People who have deep-rooted psychological and personal issues, or some day-to-day problems like relationship issues, family issues, or serious mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety, can seek help from a counselor.

At the root, the counselor tries to determine the present situation of the client and understand his perspective to become more empowered and self-aware. You can check out different types of counseling careers.

Candidates interested in counseling can pursue Psychology.

#6: Teacher

best teaching careers
Teaching kids about emotions is hard. (Photo: missirelanteaches).

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers have a major contribution to society in preparing the future of a country. Tutors play an essential part in inspiring children, guiding them, helping them, and instructing them to achieve their potential.

Starting from an early age until graduation and beyond, teachers convey knowledge and offer constant support to ensure that their students pick up the right lessons. Candidates can choose this profession by studying a subject of their choice as a major in their graduation, pursuing a Master’s degree, and then completing the degree to become a teacher as per the country’s norms.

#7: Environmental Sciences

environmental science careers

Human lives are intrinsically related to the earth and its environment. It supports life and the well-being of this planet. However, the environment faces major degradation, year after year, and continues to do so.

To clean up the environment and make a difference to the world, it is important to help future generations to take up a career in nature conservation or environmental sciences. Both the fields are multidisciplinary, combining physical sciences, biology, social sciences, and chemistry. Together, it aims to resolve environmental concerns.

An environmental scientist can detect the cause of degradation and devise corrective measures to create environment conservative programs.


It feels incredible to help others. It brings joy and happiness beyond measure. However, these jobs are not thankless or baseless. Some of these career options are financially viable and can help you to make a massive difference to the world as you help others.


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