Learning cosmetology is like a mix of both science and art. Exhibits creativity, beautifying people with their work with a match of chemical-related materials.  They’re assigned to turn dead and shriveled hair healthy again and bland nails colorful. Treatments, therapies, and certain procedures are done to come up with a final look. With that, let’s get deeper into what cosmetologists are capable of, what they get to learn in their beauty schools, and what are the jobs under cosmetology.


In terms of skincare, they do certain treatments which would make positive changes to your skin. Exfol and unclog pores, wrinkle reduction, and hair removal procedures such as tweezing, waxing, and eyebrow threading. Facial treatments to treat blemishes, reduce stress and cleanse your skin. And antiaging facials to improve the skin’s tone and make it appear smoother.

Makeup Artists

These ones work well with the Artist and Photography industry. Makeup artists specialize in skin-related cosmetics. It may be for fashion, special events, weddings, Halloween parties, and even special effects for movies creating wounds, scars, and more. They’re also known for being a pro in terms of using prosthetics and making people pretty on magazine covers. They showcase their creativity and give new outcomes from time to time, making the clients perfect for each theme.

Fashion Show Stylist

Bland To Grand! Creating masterpieces would seem easy, especially for stylists in fashion shows, creating multiple pieces from outfits to accessories, making models dressed at their very best. Aside from fashion shows, they’re also part of photo shoots, checking every single detail of the model, from its shoes, clothes, makeup, hair, and more. They’re assisting and helping them get dressed in a way that the things already done to them, like their hair, won’t be ruined.


This service is specifically done for men, maybe children or an adult.  They perform the basics, namely trimming, cutting, and coloring. In this task, you must ensure that you’re satisfied and meet the expectation of your client; they’ll proceed to show you their desired haircut, which would mean you follow. They are also tasked to be in charge of shaving facial hairs, styling, and as usual, the facial treatments. Coloring and perming of the hair are also done by the use of specific formulas and machines to ensure that the process would not affect the hair’s health, making it glossy smooth, and healthy.

Nail Technician

Beauty school in San Antonio, like Ogle School, was said to be the first-ever nail technician school. They’re tasked to do work specifically in the client’s toenails and fingernails. Duties like nail artistry depend on your client’s taste, and a sample inspiration photo is shown. Nail jewelry gives your nails a little shimmer, along with different nail types. Gel nails are a nail polish that requires UV light and LED Light. Silk nails are usually applied on short nails. These are nails that are wrapped in silk to have the unique yet are cheaper than other nail styles. Its lifespan is about 203 weeks, and it is known for giving nail strength.

Beauty Writer

An easy yet deep adventure towards the beauty industry, wherein you’re to give tips, create blogs online, post on social media sites,  and do various content in relation to things under cosmetology like nail arts, top trending salons, best facial treatments, and such. You’re to persuade and inspire people to look forwards to their beauty journey and follow various trends that are popular at the moment. This can be done not only online but also in specific magazines, newspapers, and more.  Interacting with different brands and connecting with fellow writers, specifically the ones in the industry of cosmetology.

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