Can You Give a Man Flowers for His Birthday?

Although some people think that only women need flowers on their birthdays, who says that men wouldn’t enjoy a vase full of flowers? I used to ask myself, “Can you give a man flowers for his birthday?” In this guide, I’ll explain my answer to this question.

Recent statistics show that buying birthday gifts for men is on the rise, but with all this hysteria around gift-giving, I’ve struggled to keep up with everything. Thankfully, I’ve found a few ideas for what to get that special someone on their birthday.


To answer the question: yes, men do like flowers. In fact, I learned that gifts women love, such as flowers and chocolate, are just as popular with men. Recently, when I was searching for some unique flowers to gift someone for Valentine’s Day, I realized that sometimes, it’s more about how you present the gift rather than the gift itself.

For example, instead of giving the men in my life bouquets of flowers, I found that getting them a vase with memorable pictures and putting some flowers in there creates a better gift experience. Displaying my creativity meant the world to them, and it shows that I’m willing to go the extra mile when it comes to my relationships.

If you think that you would feel awkward handing over flowers to a man in person, there are some other options you can explore. There are plenty of great gifting platforms where you can place orders for flowers online. You can enter the address and get it delivered straight to their house or office (whatever you think they would be comfortable with).


As the saying goes, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” For this reason, I love to give the men in my life good old-fashioned boxes of chocolate on their birthdays.

However, when I know that the man is a picky eater, I try to go for more traditional flavors, such as milk chocolate and caramel. Sometimes, men simply won’t want a box of chocolates, so you can buy packs of M&Ms or Smarties to express the same sentiment.


When chocolate alone won’t spice things up, popping open a bottle of wine does the trick. Whether I go out for dinner or decide to cook something at home for the birthday boy, I always make sure to supply the wine as a gift for my man. In addition to having powerful antioxidants that reduce aging, wine also removes inhibitions and sparks romantic conversations.

Overall, if I can’t find a suitable gift for my man on his birthday, I remember that as long as we love each other, that’s what matters most. But now that I have a few gift ideas, I don’t need to ask the question, “Can you give a man flowers for his birthday?” ever again.

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