According to research, almost 75 % of people in the United States select a product based on its packaging. If they find a packaging appealing they consider the quality of the product good. With the emergence of custom boxes, companies have got many ways to make their packaging appealing, such as by using custom stickers

The best way to impress customers is to show them the uniqueness of your product and using stickers on packaging is a marvelous way to do so. Stickers make the boxes different and attractive, ultimately grabbing customers’ attention. 

Besides stickers, you can use custom labels on your boxes and give an appealing look to your product. Both stickers and labels increase the value of the product and show the professionalism of a company. 

Let’s understand what stickers and labels are and how they can make the packaging appealing. 

What Are Stickers And Labels On The Packaging? 

Stickers are basically individual adhesive pieces. These are made of different types of material including paper and plastic. On the other hand, labels are also self-adhesive but they are printed on sheets or rolls. Both of them give a unique look to the packaging, help in providing information, and make a positive impact on sales. Let’s discuss custom printed stickers and packaging labels individually. 

Custom Stickers: How They Beautify Product 

You must have used different types of stickers in your childhood to beautify your notebooks and walls. The way different types of stickers gave a charm to your belongings, in the same way, stickers can make your packaging attractive. Some of the common features that stickers can add to beautify your packaging are described below: 

Create Uniquness In Packaging 

Most of the top-notch companies are buying bulk custom stickers for their boxes. If all well know companies are doing so then there must be a good reason behind it. Stickers make the packaging one of its kind and facilitate giving a unique look to your product. 

Suppose you are selling frozen vegetables in transparent packaging. But you want to tell the customers about your brand name and the quantity of the product. For this, you can use stickers printed with the intended information. This will make your vegetable different from the rest of the stock.  

Impress Customers 

Customers get impressed by the beautiful packaging. They feel a sense of value when a product is packed in quality packaging. Obviously, the material of the packaging is a big factor that can give value to the boxes but you can buy custom stickers to increase the value of the packaging. 

In the market, you can find different types of stickers such as glossy and matt. You can use any of them to create an appeal in your product. 

Increase The Vibrancy Of Packaging

Sometimes, companies pack their product in transparent packaging or a kraft box with minimum printing. Although the minimalist look of the packaging gives a sense of elegance, sometimes such a box fails to convey the message of the company and looks bland. Nonetheless, with customized stickers, you can create vibrancy in your packaging. 

Custom Labels: How To Make Packaging Appealing 

Besides stickers another thing that creates beauty in the packaging is labels. Labels, as we already know, are available in roll form that gives different benefits to the companies. Here are some of the benefits of labels. 

Provide Information 

In the market, you can find multiple custom label maker companies that will help you get the best labels for your product. You can use these labels to provide information to your customers about the product. 

For instance, if you are selling a homemade granola bar and you want to mention the calorie content of the bar, what will you do? Obviously, at the start of your business, it will be difficult for you to get customized packaging. However, with labels you can mention the product information on the boxes and make them beautiful. 

Tell About The Quality Of Product 

There are various ways to tell the customers about the quality of the product and the standard of your brand. With the quality of your packaging, you can give your customers a first-grade product. But with customized labels  you can show the premiums of your company. 

Labels are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors in the market. Customization has made it easy for companies to select the most appropriate feature for their packaging. You can also get creative and glamorous packaging using the option of tailor-made labels. 


Custom stickers make the packaging beautiful by giving it uniqueness. You can easily give a distinct look to your product by investing in customized box stickers. To create vibrancy and impress customers, stickers are the best option. 

Apart from stickers, you can use custom labels on the boxes and give adequate information about your homemade product. Not only this you can use labels on all types of packaging and give glam to the product.

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