Running a blog for a small business means posting regularly to build trust and support your content marketing strategy. Offering fresh, engaging, and relevant content keeps your readers coming back and increases the chances of future purchases.

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New content can be hard to come up with, but these 31 ideas for blog posts can help you get past writer’s block and come up with interesting content for your blog:

  1. Share a customer success story related to your products or services.
  2. Assemble a list of top tools, apps, or software for entrepreneurs in your field.
  3. Respond to common questions you receive in your business.
  4. Create a video (or series) demonstrating a particular skill or process.
  5. Discuss why you became a business owner.
  6. Offer a free template, tips, checklist, or other valuable download for your readers.
  7. Showcase one of your products.
  8. List influential Twitter users to follow.
  9. Explain a vital industry process in a step-by-step post.
  10. Profile a team member in a blog post.
  11. Feature a loyal customer.
  12. Write about common mistakes or “what not to do.”
  13. Share an inspiring personal story.
  14. Provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your office or store with pictures and anecdotes.
  15. Update readers on your company’s recent and upcoming events.
  16. Compile customer feedback, compliments, and testimonials.
  17. Recap an event you attended.
  18. Post inspiring quotes relevant to your business.
  19. Interview a prominent figure in your industry (and invite readers to submit questions beforehand).
  20. List the most popular posts on your blog.
  21. Gather useful and related posts from other blogs.
  22. Review a product, book, or event your readers are interested in.
  23. Summarize your social media presence and encourage readers to engage with your profiles.
  24. Organize a contest or giveaway.
  25. Share significant lessons from your experience as a small business owner.
  26. Advertise current job openings in your company.
  27. Spotlight your favorite local charity (and encourage reader donations).
  28. Curate a list of books that have influenced your business journey.
  29. Promote an event your business is sponsoring.
  30. Narrate your business’s history in a storytelling format.
  31. Compile a list of top influencers in your niche.

Make a publication calendar with specific posts for the next few months to keep your blog active and reduce stress. If certain posts perform exceptionally well, follow these tips and repurpose them into additional content pieces.

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