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Those who don’t love themselves can’t truly love anyone else. That’s a pit where many young people fall, especially if they aren’t according to standards. Luckily, more and more people realize the importance of a positive mindset and acceptance. That’s more visible in developed countries such as the US, Australia, and some European countries. Millions of people there know that nothing is more attractive than a person who is happy with who they are. And to be happy, you have to do the first thing on our list.

Treat Yourself!

It’s crucial to have discipline, but having to treat yourself days is the glue that holds everything together. Being too strict with yourself will have a counter effect. Not only that you won’t achieve desired results, but you might also start hating yourself. That’s the complete opposite of a positive lifestyle.

By doing what you want and enjoying life, you’ll make memories. You’ll make friends and realize that many people love you for who you are. The common fear for many BBWs is that all of their friends are around them because they make them look better. Sadly, many big girls start hurting themselves (usually by starving). But the fears they have are coming from inside. If they can silence those inner demons and let go – changes happen in no time.

Work on Your Communication Skills

Being able to talk with other people plays a role in creating a positive image of yourself. Those who don’t know how to flirt make rookie mistakes. They get ghosted online or never get dates in person. Luckily, it’s not that difficult to learn how to communicate with people you like. Every country has local dating sites where it’s simple to chat with people around you. Being behind the screen helps to relax, so everyone can approach potential matches.

Flirting is a skill best honed through trial and error. However, it’s crucial to be on sites where like-minded people seek someone like you. Niche sites are precious for that. They guarantee that everyone has something in common (location, body type, sexual orientation, etc.). So bigger girls from Australia don’t have to be insecure about their bodies on the site that men join to meet Aussie BBW online. They know that all single males on the site are near them (so it’s possible to meet in person), and they prefer bigger ladies. That turns flirting from torture to fun. Being on such sites is a triple win. Girls perfect their communication skills, get more dates, and experience confidence boosts.

Everyone Deserves and Can Find Love

Many big girls in Australia and worldwide think they aren’t good enough to find love because they don’t fit the standards. In cases when self-esteem gets so low that self-hatred takes over control, they think that they don’t deserve love.

Everyone deserves love! And everyone can find it. The sooner people realize that, the sooner our world will turn into a better place. You can help to achieve that by rewiring your mind. Start looking at yourself as a catch, and other people will see you that way too. Remember, everything comes from within. Accept that you are beautiful in every way because that’s who you are. Once you master that, the whole world will lay before you.

Join the International Body-positive Movement

We said that being among like-minded people on local dating sites helps to gain confidence and master flirting. But dating sites are only for dating. Sometimes it’s good to seek inspiring people elsewhere. And there are positivity movement communities to join online and live. One of the biggest organizations, Body Image Movement, has headquarters in Australia, so Aussie girls can go directly to the source of positivity. Body positivity has been changing society for over 25 years by helping people accept themselves. Join such community to get even more encouragement from people aware of your fears, frustrations, and desires.

Don’t Wear Stuff that Makes You Uncomfortable!

Bigger girls who aren’t ok with their bodies often try to mask that by wearing clothes that don’t fit them and make them uncomfortable. And everyone recognizes those who try too hard to escape from who they are. Don’t be one of those girls. It doesn’t matter what people around you think if you’re happy with yourself – that’s the whole point.

Be the First One to Take off Her Clothes at the Beach

Some bigger people (men and women) swim in shirts to hide their bodies. That doesn’t serve the purpose but makes the whole experience easier for big people. Yet every trip to the beach they spend in shirts erodes their confidence like a sandy beach. The solution for that is so simple yet so difficult. They should get to the beach, take their shirts off, and swim. It’s that easy and that hard. Girls have more trouble with that, but fashion is catching up. One fatkini can make a huge impact on a BBW’s life. A small external change can cause an avalanche of inner changes. But without those inner shifts, being happy about yourself is impossible.

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