When we say, “it’s corn!” do you know what we’re talking about? If you’re on TikTok, of course you do! That adorable corn-loving kid went viral overnight, and you can, too, if you have the right tools and tips. In this article, we provide beginner tips for making the best TikToks so you can go viral or enjoy engagement with other users on everyone’s favorite app.

Make Short and Sweet Videos

Did you know that the average attention span for humans is only about eight seconds long? That’s a shorter attention span than goldfish! Keeping this statistic in mind, it’s best for you to make short and sweet videos. Someone is likelier to scroll away from a one-minute TikTok because it doesn’t hold their attention. Most users like content that is snappy and short for a quick dopamine hit, not suffer through a two-minute-long comedy bit.

Follow the Trends

You’ve likely gotten told to follow your own path in this world to succeed. However, this isn’t true when making TikToks that grab everyone’s attention. Don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon of the trends constantly circulating through the app. You have a better chance of going viral and making your name known by putting your own spin on a current TikTok trend.

For example, remaking a dance video to a popular song will gain more views than if you were to make up your own dance. Not to say your dance wouldn’t go viral either.

Invest in Equipment

Most users on TikTok use their phones to record every video. A few essential smartphone accessories, like clip-on camera lenses or tripods, can boost the look and feel of your video. Most of these affordable accessories give you the edge by making your videos look more professional.

Hashtags Are Important

Hashtags are an essential part of uploading your TikTok videos because they put your videos in front of specific users. While some videos without hashtags can end up on your for you page, your videos will likely gain more traction with more hashtags. When you use the right hashtags for your content, you will engage with more viewers and make yourself more discoverable. #UseHashtags!

Be Fast With Follow-Ups

The best beginner tip we can give you when making the best TikToks is to be as fast as possible with follow-up videos. Have you ever encountered a storytime video with over 50,000 likes, but the follow-up video isn’t posted yet? It can be frustrating, and that user is likely missing out on millions of views. If one of your videos goes viral, you must respond quickly to build authority and maximize your reach. Resorting to services like TikCeleb can also help you boost your visibility on the platform.

How you make, edit, and post your TikToks can make or break whether you show up on someone’s FYP (for you page). With a little bit of practice, you might make a viral video! Don’t forget to engage with your viewers and adjust your content based on this feedback. TikTok is waiting for you to make your first masterpiece!

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