A Quick Guide to Latex Hybrid Mattress


Natural latex is the finished product of milk that is harvested from rubber trees after it hardens. On the other hand, there is synthetic latex, which is produced from a chemical reaction made to harden the rubber in a process known as vulcanization.

While both products have their individual uses, the combination of both in the field of mattress manufacturing is what creates a latex hybrid mattress.

According to allrightsleep.com, in this mattress, you get the natural bouncy and comfortable feeling of natural latex as well as the sturdiness and heat-resistance of the synthetic one.

The quality of the mattress is determined by the ratio of natural and synthetic materials used. A higher ratio of natural latex to the synthetic one is considered of better quality. Some of the best hybrid latex mattresses consist of its foam top layer, which is usually at least 2 to 3 inches of latex and a coil support system at the bottom.


A memory foam mattress gives you an orthopedic benefit by fitting your body shape which relieves pressure on your muscles and bones. On the other hand, an innerspring mattress provides you with the bounce but it’s not that good for your body.

This mattress combines the benefits of both into one to give you a wholesome sleeping experience.

There are several reasons listed below which explain why investing in such mattresses can be worthwhile.


Natural latex is much sensitive as compared to synthetic foam. This is bouncier than your average foam mattresses. Thus, if you want to sleep on top of your mattress and not wish to sink to the bottom of it, they could be a good choice.


When it comes to mattresses, comfort is one of the most important factors because you want your sleep to be the most comfortable experience while sleeping and even after waking up. It has all the good orthopedic properties of memory foam without the disadvantage of sinking, which makes it ideal for every sleeping position.

Pressure Relief

Memory foam mattresses are popular for their contouring feature which hugs your body and removes pressure from critical points in your body. But, it comes with the problem of sinking into the mattress. They make use of micro-coils which increase its flexibility as well as conform to your body shape when you lie down.


A latex foam mattress is much more breathable than a regular foam mattress, thanks to the open coil system which facilitates free air circulation within the mattress. This helps to get rid of heat, as well as making it breathable.

Motion Transfer

You don’t want to wake up when your partner changes his or her sleeping position at night due to the rolling motion caused by the same. It can be beneficial here as it significantly reduces the motion transfer.


They use natural latex, which makes it eco-friendly than a synthetic mattress. Although Talalay latex is also made from a natural material, it does include poly-foam filters in the manufacturing process, thus making the Dunlop one an environment-friendly choice.


They are relatively new in design. Hence, determining the durability depends on the materials used. Natural latex mattresses are generally considered more durable than an average memory foam mattress.

Since they are predominantly made from natural latex, it would be safe to say that it’s more durable than an average foam mattress. Click here to find more about how it feels to sleep on such mattresses.


Even with all the benefits, this mattress also comes with a few downsides. Some could be a little bouncier than your needs while others could be quite expensive.

Too Much Bounce

When the ratio of natural latex is higher, paired with coil support it could make it bouncier than you had hoped for.


Natural substances are always more costly than synthetic ones. The same theory applies to latex as well. On top of that, producing a hybrid mattress itself is a costly process. So, these mattresses usually come with an expressive price tag.

Not Found Everywhere

The more common hybrids available in today’s market are memory foam or poly-foam hybrid. They are relatively rare and hence more difficult to find.


Latex Hybrid Mattress Types

The two variants of latex hybrid mattresses are based on their manufacturing techniques.


Dunlop or pure latex mattresses are made solely from the sap of the rubber tree. Read More about the rubber tree in this link https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/species/rubber-tree. The sap is obtained from a cut in the bark of the tree, made into a froth by whipping, and then molded into sheets by baking. This is the traditional process of manufacturing natural latex since 1929.

Dunlop mattresses are usually denser at the bottom due to the natural sediments settling at the bottom of the froth. This makes it more durable, as well as providing the comfort of memory foams.


Talalay latex involves a more complex manufacturing process. Its unique texture and soft feel are attributed to its manufacturing process which involves the creation of an open cell structure throughout the foam layer.

The latex is flash-frozen in a vacuum chamber before being baked. This creates a consistent cell structure across the bed. This intricate process also adds to the cost of Talalay mattresses.

Differences Between Dunlop and Talalay Latex

Although retailers and manufacturers point out differences between the two as a major marketing tool, the difference is not that much. In fact, for an average person, it would probably be unnoticeable, especially if comparing to memory foams or innerspring mattresses.

You can read up buying guides online for this mattress where the differences are neatly explained.

The fundamental differences are:

  • While Dunlop foams are springy, Talalay foams are more bouncy
  • Talalay foams are less dense than Dunlop foams
  • Dunlop foams are easier to manufacture than Talalay
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