5 Types of Nontraditional Wedding Ceremonies

Let’s face it—there is no one-size-fits-all solution to a wedding ceremony. People come from all walks of life. The traditional religious ceremony is no longer the only route to take. Ultimately, you want your wedding to reflect both you and your partner.

Before you get ahead of yourself, remember to decide what kind of ceremony is right for you. It’s your special day, and it’s okay to break from tradition. We hope these five types of nontraditional wedding ceremonies inspire you and your other half.

Nondenominational Ceremony

A nondenominational ceremony can be a happy medium for couples with their own spiritual beliefs. This type works best if you two still believe in monotheistic religions. The ceremony will still bring up God, but it won’t adhere to all the rules of organized religion. A nondenominational ceremony gives you more flexibility with elements of tradition, which can help with pleasing older folks.

Humanist Ceremony

If you want to get away from religion but believe in other philosophies, a humanist ceremony could be perfect for you. Humanism focuses on what we as people can do to better ourselves here and now on earth without divine connotations. As a couple, it’s important to consider options that resonate with you both.

Pro Tip: Friends and Family

Ask a family member or close friend to officiate the wedding. A humanist ceremony does not require a church official to perform the wedding. Most folks are honored to play this important role. It’s also easy to get ordained online!

Civil Ceremony

Like a humanist ceremony, a civil ceremony also strays from religion but does not adhere to any philosophies. This type of wedding typically occurs in a courthouse or a city hall, breaking free from all the bells and whistles of other kinds of weddings. Civil ceremonies are an affordable option for couples who want to marry in a straightforward way. There are only a few witnesses instead of hundreds of guests, and the officiant will be a public official.

Proxy Marriage

Are you or your partner currently serving in the military? While deployment is unpredictable, it should not stand in the way of being married. A proxy marriage breaks down distance barriers by allowing you to marry when you’re not in the same location. This unique option gives you the benefits of marriage, and you can celebrate with friends and family once you’re both home.

Theme Weddings

Theme weddings are fun and the ultimate way to put your and your partner’s personalities into the ceremony. The sky is the limit! For example, what if your favorite movie is Grease? You and your sweetie could go all out planning a ’50s-themed wedding!

There is no right or wrong way to plan a theme wedding. The key factor is finding something you and your partner love to base your ceremony and reception on. This type of wedding will surely be one your friends talk about for years.

We hope you feel empowered to pick the right kind of ceremony for you after reading about our five types of nontraditional wedding ceremonies. Since your special day only comes once, it’s important to figure out what works best for you as a couple.

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