If you recently switched to Apple or are looking for new ways to use your iPhone to your advantage in daily activities, these four things you didn’t know about your iPhone can be helpful in using your phone more efficiently. Let’s explore some cool features you can use on your device!

Change Vibration Settings

If you’re tired of getting the same generic vibration tone whenever you receive a phone call or text, you can just change it yourself in the settings. Some people like to set it to “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees or even “Jingle Bells” when the season is fitting. Head over to your phone’s Sounds & Haptics option, click on Vibration, and create a new vibration to set it to a customized pattern.

Use Siri To Translate Languages

If you’re traveling to an area where language might be a barrier, ask Siri to help you out. Just say, “Hey, Siri, translate [the phrase you’d like to translate].” Siri will then ask you which language you’d like to translate the phrase to. Keep in mind that Siri can’t solve every language in the world, but it can program quite a few, such as:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • French

This feature can be super helpful when you’re in a new area or even learning a new language.

Edit Your Texts More Easily

For many years, one could only edit their texts by manually clicking on the specific space they needed to edit. But as iPhone users know, clicking the exact spot was almost impossible.

The ability to hold the space bar and drag your finger to the corresponding spot was created for iOS 13, making it easier for iPhone users to correct those darn autocorrects.

Add Captions To Photos

If you need more space on your phone, the first thing you might jump to is deleting specific photos you no longer need or the memes you thought were funny in 2009. The iOS 14 update enabled users to organize their photos more easily by adding captions to them to help the user remember what the image was about. There are many tips and tricks to free up space on your iPhone, but this feature is possibly the coolest one. Gone are the days when you’d accidentally delete a photo only to need it a month later. Now you can caption photos like in your own digital scrapbook!

These four things you didn’t know about your iPhone can be helpful when you’re organizing or being more efficient with your phone usage. Try them today!

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